November 30, 2008

Never again

Never again will I do a play for Sunday School. haha. I'm actually pretty glad I didn't tell Tonya or Collin or Jen or anybody else for that matter who is part of his family that I was gonna be in this stupid play. LOL I would never have lived it down. Tonya would have pictures up on here in a heartbeat if they came.
So now I'm gonna go crawl into bed so I can be well rested for the Longwood Gardens trip tomorrow that Collin is so apparently interested in going to all of a sudden. Hahaha. I'll post something tomorrow when I get done tutoring and will tell you ALL about the trip. LOL

I love 4 day weekends

I really do love having 4 day weekends. I just wish they didn't have to end. Tho to me, it will almost be a 5 day weekend since I'm going on a GT trip to Longwood Gardens tomorrow.
This weekend was pretty interesting. Thursday was Thanksgiving so we did a whole bunch of baking and stuff. That morning Shannon and I went to the Penns Grove vs. Pennsville football game. We only stayed until about half time. Dinner that night was pretty quiet actually.
Friday we went shopping. First time I remember ever going shopping on Black Friday. haha. Only reason we did tho was cuz my mom's friend from New Orleans was up visiting and he needed new work shoes. So, we all went out to Christiana and went shopping at the mall. Fun? Haha.
Saturday my sister and I decorated at my grandfather's church. Then at around 12:30 ish Collin and his stepmom Tonya and his half brother Michael came and picked me up and we went to see Twilight. That was an AMAZING movie. I loved every second of it. Then we went to Famous Dave's since tomorrow is Collin's birthday. His dad and grandfather and half sister Ally met us there. It was funny seeing Collin's face when the guy came out with the ice cream with the sparkler on top. Props for Tonya. haha =] Afterwards Tonya took me, Collin, Michael, and Ally to go see this house that puts on a huge display of lights. After that we went back to Collin's house and watched South Park episodes. Very fun day to say the least. haha
Today was pretty much usual. The two church services were long as usual. Tho today Shannon and I went to my ex boyfriend's house to see his friends who we've become really close to. Sammi and Meg were as hyper as usual which is good. =] In about 30 minutes I have to go to my first church and eat some dinner and do a play and then decorate the Christmas tree. Should be pretty boring.
I guess that's it for now. I'll more than likely post something tomorrow if I get bored enough to. =]

Robotics things

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