March 29, 2009

Ranting post.....Lunch time...

Ok, so each Sunday after the second service, my sister, grandparents, and I go out to lunch. This time their friend Bea came with them. No big deal. Bea adores us, and she's always there for us when we need her. Service at Michael's was HORRIBLE today. Our waitress was pissed cuz she got dumped with our table, and she made it known to us that she wasn't happy. She took FOREVER to take our drink orders. She practically slammed each drink down, and gave me barely any Diet Pepsi. Then, it took her almost 15-20 minutes to take our order. It took forever for our food to get there, and then even longer for her to give us the check after we were done eating. My grandfather was PISSED. He never gets mad either. But oh, did he get mad today.
Well, after he got up to pay the bill, my sister's phone starts vibrating. It was the choir director calling her to say "As Christians, we don't need these kinds of problems" and other crap like that. Pretty much what happened was Joan (choir director) has been telling people that my grandparents won't let us come to choir practice. Which isn't true at all. She knows that on the days she has choir practice, we have robotics. Robotics comes before choir in my book. But so then Joan told Shannon that she wanted to talk things out with the two of us and work them out because she never said she didn't want us in the choir and how could we say that.....We didn't say that at all tho. My sister got off the phone and told my grandparents and their friend what just happened. The three of them got so mad. My grandmother was saying that the two PPR Chairmen (one at each church) was going to hear about it, and one of the people who has control over Joan's job was gonna hear too. Cuz it was wildly inappropriate for Joan to call my sister. My sister is 14. I'm sorry, but I don't think the choir director should be calling my 14 year old sister about this kind of stuff unless my mother is there. Everybody is pissed off, and chances are Joan will be losing her job.
I'm so mad tho cuz she's making up lies. She knows that we were at robotics. She knows we couldn't skip it. Yet she told people that my grandparents weren't letting us go to choir practice. She tells me and Shannon that as Christians we shouldn't be doing this kind of stuff. Well, what about her??? At least Shan and I have an excuse. We're 16 and 14, still children. She has 5 grandchildren at this point, and certainly isn't young. We're naive still. She certainly isn't. She should be an example to us of how Christians should act. Not showing us exactly what we shouldn't act like.

Thanks for bearing with my rant there.....I've been keeping it in for so long (Ok, since about 1:50 this afternoon lol) but I had to get it out there. If I somehow offended anybody, please tell me. I am so sorry if I did.

DIG 14

I'm only doing my Day in Grace today....I'm too tired and still pissed off about what happened during lunch to post anything else. (Well, maybe I'll do a ranting post about what happened at lunch.....)

1) Knowing that one of my friends trusts me enough to tell me stuff he usually wouldn't have and to come to my house when he's having issues at his own house.

2) I drove around today with my grandmom in the passenger seat for the first time

3) We only have about 2 more loads of laundry to do tonight :)

4) I feel loved by Ray :) lol

5) Today was warmer than it has been :)

Yea...I need to rant....So, even tho I said I was gonna try not to do anymore of these, I'm posting a ranting post next.

Late post! lol

Last night I was so tired that once I got home from Rae's party, I crawled upstairs to bed and didn't want to get out. lol So, here is the scoop on what happened at the two parties I was at.

Nathalia's 4th birthday party: I went over to the house pretty early to help get things ready, like grabbing things from my grandparents' house so Jeremy could start the grill, decorating the living room after Lexi (Jeremy's 7 year old cousin) and Nattie did, etc. lol People started showing up at around 12:45 even tho the party started at 12. LOL Once everybody came, then we ate burgers and hot dogs. Nattie opened her presents and we were taking tons of pics. On Miss Feather's camera. LOL So, I don't have any pics. :( lol But, so after presents were done, it was time for....CAKE!!! :) Marble cake with Disney Princesses and My Little Pony decorations. After that was done, we all sat around talking. The only people under the age of 18 were me, Shannon, Lexi, and Nattie. So, there were a few adults that were related to Heather and Jeremy there. And that's all I can think of that happened with that

Rachel's birthday party: Her party started at 7. I can't remember exactly how old Rae turned, but oh well. lol We played Rock Band, ate pizza and cupcakes, threw candy at eachother, and just had a fun time. At first it was kinda awkward cuz I only knew 4 people: Shannon, Christian, Ally, and Rachel. Oh, and I kinda knew Rachel's twin sister, Becky, and their friend Lauren. But that's about it. Of course, a few times Ally and I felt so awkward being there that we wanted to walk to the end of the street to Collin's house.....LOL But, we didn't. And anyway, they weren't there when we were going to, and then Tonya had to put little Ally to bed. lol I wanna say I finally got home at around It was pretty fun, once we all got over the fact that we didn't know anybody. lol

Oh, and yesterday morning my Poppop picked me up at about 8:50. I drove to the bank, pulled into the drivethru there (harder than it looks for me lol) and then was off to the church. We went the long way to get me used to driving. lol Once we left the church, we went to the cleaners. After that, I got to drive where ever I wanted to. So, I went to drive through Pennsville. There was a detour cuz they were messing with electrical wires in one area, but once we got past that, I drove the rest of the way through Pennsville. Then on towards Salem. Then right through Salem. I was tempted to go through Hancock's Bridge, but we were starting to get pressed for time since it takes about half an hour to get home from there and we were getting close to 11:30. I had to be home in time for the party, so then I started driving home. Once I got to my Poppop's house, we had to get the mail. First time I ever had to park inbetween two cars. The one truck belonged to my old computers teacher and the other, I dunno who it belonged to. LOL Ms. Alber said that I did a good parking job....I didn't hit either car, and I was straight too. :) And when I pulled back into the parking lot at Mimi and Poppop's house, it was straight too!! :)

So, that was my day yesterday. lol I was gonna do the DIG too, but I've decided not to since I gotta go get ready for church. LOL I'll post my DIG tonight! :)

March 27, 2009

DIG number 13

Lucky number 13!!! :) lol Sorry, I have LOTS of energy, and can't wait til tomorrow :)

1) I got my eyebrows redone today!!! :)

2) I got Rita's for the first time in the 2009 year! :) Chocolate water ice. Can't beat that. lol

3) Again, Shark Bait's Question of the Day got me thinking. Similar to yesterday's, but instead of just being sleep overs in general, it was sleep away camps, church/scouting activites, school/sporting activities. Again, I said yes, they are good things and I explained why. I guess I'm more into them and think they are good cuz I've been 1) sleeping over at people's houses since I was born practically (family at first, friends as of 5) and 2) I've been part of scouts and church things since I was in 2nd grade and we went on camping trips all the time. My parents wanted (and still want) me to experience all types of things of that nature since I was little. So, I guess that plays a huge part in it.

4) My Little Bean turned 4 today!!! :) That little girl is my rock, and if it wasn't for her bratty, rotten, spoiled little self, I would not be the person I am today.

5) I got a 95 on my pre-calc quiz I took on Wendsday after school. I found out today during class what my grade was. I'm sooo happy.

Tomorrow is going to be fun....My grandfather is picking me up tomorrow morning when I'm ready to be picked up, I'm driving us to the second church (the one with the office in it), he's going to do some work there, and then we're going to drive around Salem County so I can get some more practice in. Since I got my permit, I've driven everyday, until this week. This week has been kinda crazy since my eye got hurt. So, I was kinda rusty tonight when I drove tonight. So, Poppop and I are going driving tomorrow. He is all ready for it, and so am I. Hopefully I can learn some back roads during this excersion tomorrow. LOL :)
I'm off to bed so I can be up early tomorrow. He is an early riser, so I don't want to keep him waiting in the morning. :) Night everybody!! <3

March 26, 2009

Day in Grace

Alright, this is DIG number 12 (I just counted them from the last one I had numbered lol) So, here it goes! :)

1) Collin got inducted into the NHS at the Salem County VoTech tonight!!!!!!!!!!! :) I'm soooo proud of him. I wish I had been there to see him be inducted, but I had to be at robotics unfortunately.

2) The posts on SharkBait's blog today got me thinking. I say that sleepovers are a good thing because they help girls bond with their friends and guys bond with theirs. Yea, I understand that there is always a risk that something could happen, but sleepovers are still lots of fun.

3) The workshop got cleaned tonight! For the most part anyway. Like, we unpacked EVERYTHING from Philly, and got things mostly (?) organized lol

4) We had a sub today in Honors US History 1 and my 3rd block study hall

5) Tomorrow is my last day having 4 lunch!!! :) And then I go back to having lunch with Collin! For like, 3 days. But, still. :)

So, there ya go. My DIG number 12. Now I gotta clean the kitchen. lol Bye!! <3

March 25, 2009

Day in Grace

I forget what number I'm up to at this point.....Oh well. Here is my DIG for today.

1) I didn't have to participate in gym today! :)

2) We got our water turned back on (I'll explain that when I'm done with my DIG)

3) My eye doesn't hurt as much anymore *Knocks on wood*

4) I bought a few new songs on iTunes that I've been looking for for alil while now

5) Until Monday I get to sit with people I haven't talked to in a while.

Ok, so now to fill you in about the whole water issue....Well, the dumb water company thought that my mom hadn't paid the bill, so they shut off our water. I could have sworn they were supposed to give us a warning. And the annoying is that she DID pay the water bill. I know she did. I know she did cuz water is a HUGE part of our life, and we couldn't function without our water. That's how she is able to drink her much needed coffee after all. So, I know she paid the bill. Well, the dumb company said she didn't, so they came here this afternoon and turned it off. My mom called the house as she was getting off work and asked me to make her spiral mac 'n cheese. I went to turn on the water to do it, and only a small trickle came out, and then nothing. So, I called my mom back and told her they shut off our water. She got home, called the water company and FREAKED. She left for the board meeting for robotics and then at about 6:45 they came back and turned back on our water. Thank the Lord. Like, really.

Ok, so, that's the main big thing that happened today. Other than that I was in a study hall and will be until Monday cuz I can't do gym. Hehehe XD I love not having gym! Denby better not try to fail me either. I swear, if she does, I'm cussing her out. No holding back either.

March 24, 2009

Explanation and DIG

Ok, so most of you who read my blog saw that last night, I wasn't feeling good. well, here is why....

Yea, uhm, that was last night. You see, my sister accidentally hit me in my eye. And scratched it. As I found out today at the eye doctor. Yea, it hurts. It's not as red now, but the red dot you see in my eye is now more spread out....Oh joy. =/ I have blurred vision out of the eye every now and then (like, I have it, but it gets bad sometimes) and it hurts ALOT

Ok, so, enough whining....Time for my Day in Grace

1) My eye isn't worse than just a scratch, and he gave me drops that I put one in twice a day.

2) I didn't have to go to school today :)

3) My godfather's wife is expecting a baby!!! (ok, so this was a few days ago that I found out,

4) I got to drive some today :)

5) I got to at least talk to my boyfriend tonight on the phone for alil bit

So, yea...there ya have it. What's wrong with me and my DIG.....I'm actually exhausted now, so I'm probably gonna head up to bed soon. So, I'll post something tomorrow I guess. Night everybody!

March 23, 2009


I'm not posting my Day in Grace tonight....I'm in pain. I'll make sure to send the picture from my phone to my email for tomorrow. But yes, you'll see tomorrow what's wrong. :(

March 22, 2009

Philadelphia Regional :)

The Philadelphia Regional ended yesterday. I put some of the pics up here. Not many tho. I didn't feel like putting more than 5 up cuz I'm lazy. :)

Before I continue on....We did lose in quarter finals. Thanks to teams 222 and 11 for picking us to be on the 4 alliance with you. We all tried our hardest, and that second match should have been won by us. Team 316 is very sorry if we cost the alliance the wins.

Now on to the pictures......:)

4 outta the 5 girls....And I accidently cuz Ally practically outta the pictures. Sorry Ally!!! I did get a picture with each of the girls (except Shelby cuz she was busy doing other things) so hopefully that makes up for it? lol

There is always lots of dancing going on at the competitions. And even tho we were at Temple this year instead of Drexel and didn't have much room to dance, we still kept our dancing selves going. :) The few students 316 had were down there dancing, just not right where I took the pictures lol we were dancing underneath where our team was sitting. I got a few pics kinda. lol

Each match during elimination rounds were nerve racking, and Shelby and I were nervous as anything. Thank god we had Aaron coaching us instead of Mr. Hinde. I still wish that Mr. Hinde had completely made that decision without Aaron's input (Mr. Hinde said that maybe Collin should drive, but Aaron said that Shelby handles it better, so Mr. Hinde stepped down as coach cuz Shelby doesn't handle his yelling very well) but we still did pretty good.

And Dean Kamen even showed up!!! A bunch of us got our shirts signed (including me, Collin, and Ally to name a few of us) and then he lectured us pretty much afterwards (when I took this picture) about how we need to complete his homework. His homework was to register on the FIRST Community online thing. So, I did that once I got home last night. He wasn't too happy cuz like, nobody had registered by Saturday afternoon.....=/ It's never good when Dean isn't happy.

Mrs. Danner suggested to everybody that instead of everybody leaving straight from the regional to go home all sad cuz we were done for the season we go to Applebee's to end things on a high note. So, that's right where we went. :) We had fun laughing and joking around and just talking. The funniest thing was that the two couples on the team (Me & Collin and Shannon & Christian) were sitting at the same table lol So, it was like it was a double date. LOL

So, that was the Philadelphia Regional.......Not as good as the Finger Lakes Regional, but we still tried our best. :)

March 20, 2009

Friday's Day of Grace

Yepp...That's all I'm doing tonight. I'm only posting my DIG and then jumping in the shower and crawling into bed. I'm so tired and can't wait to curl up in a ball tonight.

1) I got to see Collin today for the first time since Wednesday

2) Regardless of what Mrs. Danner says/thinks, Shelby and I did a kick a$$ job today. Even tho we did rank 43 outta 53 at the end of today

3) I gots an orbit ball necklace :)

4) Our robot is working fine and we can do everything we planned on doing when we walked into this regional

5) My bed is calling to me. Yes, that is definitely a thing I found in grace today. :)

So, yea....Today at robotics, it was interesting. I would post more about it, but since I'm so tired, I gotta go shower. Or, maybe I'll just put it off....Yea, I might just do that. I'm too tired.

Friday Fill In's

Wow....It's been a little while since I've done this. lol But, I do have time before I have to get ready for the competition, so I decided now would be a good time to do it :)

1. Why do we have to be so tight for money all over the county I live in?

2. Waking up early and making buttons are now habits.

3. I have the best boyfriend ever imaginable :).

4. I had never heard the phrase *I can't come up with a phrase I haven't heard before haha* and it *if I can't come up with a phrase, then I can't come up with something about said phrase*.
5. Stressing about something until it's done the way I always do.

6. How was I to know that he was right in what her answer would be?.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to the strategy meeting (yes, I'm a robonerd...Get over, tomorrow my plans include competing in the final part of the competition, winning the regional, trying to keep the peace between two people and on Sunday I want to see Collin come to my second church with me, but I know that he probably won't have the gas money for it.

March 18, 2009

Quick DIG

This is gonna be REALLY quick...

1) Knowing I can vent on here and it be ok :)

2) Having an amazing boyfriend :)

3) Being able to do 2 loops on the orbit balls after the "basket" is made

4) Today was my last day of school until Monday (thank you robotics!!!)

5) My room is somewhat clean :) lol it takes knowing that somebody is going to be in my room cleaning and hates it being a mess to get me to clean it, but still lol

Complaining list

For those who do not want to hear/read a list of complaints, you might not want to read this post.....I'm in a horrible mood right now, and I just need to vent.

I absolutely hate that I'm so far behind in my honors US History 1 homework. Like, I'm so far behind, it's not even funny now.
I wish that becoming a teenager (mainly higher up in the teens) wasn't such a responsibility dump.
The stuff we are going over in pre-calc right now is so confusing, especially since I was out on Monday and I'm not going to be there tomorrow or Friday.
I can't stand that AP classes are so hard that Collin can't skip school these next two days in order to go to the robotics competition.
It drives me insane that certain people on the robotics team think they are tough sh!t and think they can get whatever they want to.
Just people in general piss me off.
Not having a job sucks. And no, tutoring one hour a week doesn't count as a job.
I just wish I could drive legally without anybody with me....Cuz then I would get out of this house to hang out with people I haven't seen in forever.
I hate girls who think they are all tough and big and threaten to beat somebody up....Especially when the person they are threatening is one of my best friends.
Walking the track at school just sucks and needs to die.
Gym in general sucks
I hate being so makes things so much harder.
I extremely dislike making orbit balls. Yea, it was pretty cool to begin with...But now it's just annoying cuz we are now being forced to make them pretty much.

I had alot more complaints earlier, but I forgot the majority of them.....thank god. hopefully it stays that way and I won't need to do another one of these posts.....
For those people who read this, you have made my day better. Thanks.

March 13, 2009

Picture Day in Grace

Ok, so today, I'm doing my Day in Grace (up to day 7 now) using pictures....I'll put what the picture means underneath tho lol

My hair got redone! :) Trimmed and my highlights were redone. There is ALOT more blonde in my hair than I expected at first....Oh well. I think they look good, and so does everybody else who saw them

Having friends to lean on when I need help. And knowing they are able to trust me with BIG secrets. Even if he does piss me off ALOT sometimes

Just plain having the best boyfriend I could ever dream of. And knowing that all I need to do if I'm upset or stressed is text him and he'll calm me down. :)

The man who jumped over Horseshoe Falls in Canada (at Niagara Falls) didn't die when he jumped. I dunno if he purposely jumped or what. But whichever it was, him surviving is definitely a miracle.

Knowing my best friend is there for me when I need her the most, whether I've seen her recently or not. She always knows just what to say to get me to cheer up, which is more than I could ever ask for in a friend :)

Yupp...There is my day in grace. Not the best ever, but hey, those things made me smile alot today. :)

March 12, 2009

Niagara Falls picture essay

Day of Grace....Part 6

Wow. I'm sooo far behind on this! Can I use the excuse that I've been busy? lol Here are my 5 things that were good today :)

1) Getting to drive ALOT today...From school to home. From Cracker Barrel to my aunt's house. From my aunt's house to my grandmom's. From my grandmom's around the block to my house. :)

2) Finishing my pre-calc test today with a few minutes of time to spare

3) Knowing that somebody else is on my side on some things during school

4) Getting lots of extra points in Spanish 2 for participating today

5) Knowing that tomorrow my hair is being redone and trimmed to get rid of the split ends :)

Eh, I guess that I'll post again tonight with pics from Niagara Falls...I'm not gonna put any words tho, so I guess it would be like a wordless essay? lol yea, that's what it'll be. :)

Finger Lakes!!! :)

Finally, I'm able to post about the Finger Lakes Regional. This year was AMAZING. Yes, I missed Joey soooo much. But having Shelby as the main driver was pretty fun too. I didn't get to drive with the back up driver tho (Collin) which made me kinda sad. He was amazing at driving and could handle Sammy Su amazingly.

We gave Sammy Su a make-over....Somebody complained to the inspectors that we didn't have our name on the front of the robot. So, we painted with a paint pen on the ball dumping canvas our name and the Gilroy guy looking over the shade :) Mr. Weick came up with the Gilroy design. We think it adds character to our Sammy Su Botsy. lol

We have our own little cheerleader too! Kinda. lol When Tonya and Fred and Ally and Michael got to the arena, I realized that Ally's tiara was missing in the stands somewhere. So, she took my tiara and I took Shannon's. And notice the beads and ball type thing hanging off of it? Yea, our team made those. We spent HOURS working on the orbit balls to hand out to other teams. And did the drive team get any? NO! :( But, I'm going to get one. If it's the last thing I do. LOL Ally looks so cute supporting out team tho. :)

And of course, there was TONS of dancing. Montrey and Shelby were dancing the most tho. Montrey fought all of us getting him down there. Yet he was the one who was dancing the best! No offence Shelby if you read this. He was pretty amazing tho. So were you. :) The rest of us really didn't dance much. I didn't cuz I didn't know the dance for those songs. I did know some tho, and the ones I knew I danced to. We couldn't get Collin to dance tho. :( Ah well. There is always next weekend hehehe

We won 2 things this year too! We got the Judges' Award this year (for Ally's welding skills and Collin's programming skills...Both showed that we have a close mentor-student relationship) and because we made it to finals, we got a finalist trophy. We did lose in finals this year. We worked hard tho, and our alliance partners (team 340, G.R.R., and team 1511, The Rolling Thunder) were so easy to work with. By finals, we had a few problems with the driving, and they totally understood. We put up a real fight every match. We got two trophies for each thing we won. Shelby and I are holding the Finalist awards and Shannon and Ally are holding the Judges' Awards. Our team may be small, but like our moto says....We're Small And Mighty. :)

That's the update for now. I might post more later about it. Also probably some pics from Niagara Falls. :) Tonya, even tho we didn't really get to hang out that day, we all had fun hanging out with you at the Falls!! :)

March 11, 2009


Again, another really quick post......Something amazing happened today.....I GOT MY PERMIT!!!!!!!!! lol

Yupp. They gave me my permit today :) So far, once I got home I have driven to my ex's house to drop off sodas for his family and from my grandmom's house to mine. My mom drove from Andy's house to my grandmom's house tho cuz it was dark. I don't trust myself (and other drivers) at night while driving. lol mainly myself tho.

Oh, and that picture was taken when the car was NOT moving. lol we were waiting for my mom to get in the car so we could go home. Had to pose for a picture :)

March 10, 2009

Bad Sammy!

I've been a bad blogger. I got home Sunday night, and I haven't blogged about the competition AT ALL. And I feel so bad about it. :( I promise, once this massive mountain of homework is done, I'll tell you ALL about it....Hopefully it won't be after the Philadelphia regional that I post tho......

March 3, 2009


I love robotics. I really, really do. I'm almost to the point tho, that I'm ready to say "Screw this!" and quit. Certain mentors drive me insane and don't pay attention to what is going on in front of their faces.

Tomorrow at 3:30, we're all piling on a bus and going up to Rochester, NY with some parents following behind the bus. One being my mom, and I know that either that day or Thursday Fred, Tonya, Ally, and Michael are coming up too. I'm going to The Falls and Buffalo on Saturday/Sunday to see my friend from California and a few other people. I'll be home Sunday afternoon/night. I'll probably post something Monday tho. I'm not doing my day of grace today....I'm too mad to think straight.

One COMPLETED project :)

Today, one robotics spirit project was completed. :) Finally. Hahaha. The tiaras for all the girls are done. Well, all except Shelby's because she wanted to make her's tomorrow since she isn't going to be at robotics tonight. Since she is the graduating senior this year, I just said to her "Yes, Shelby. I'll bring the stuff with me for you to work on it on the bus" like the good sophomore that I am. LOL
Here is what Allyson's looks like:

Her's was the first one completed. We still have to put the teal and silver ribbon on all of them. But, that can be done at RIT. lol
And now it's time for Ally's.

Her's was completed second to last. She got an astronaut on her's. She had told me to go ahead and do her's after she saw what I did to Allyson's. :)
Mine next...

I gots an alien on mine. :) I finished mine after Allyson's. There is a thing on the side that you can't see tho. the right side. Haha.
Shannon's is next....

I finished her's third. She got the rocket going towards the moon just like Allyson did. :)
And last, but not least...Rachel's! :)

Rachel was the only one that got an input on her's. Only thing she got to pick tho was what color stars she got (the white with the purple inside). Her's was the last one I finished.

Tomorrow when we leave at 3:30 will be a good day and time. While I do love Salem County, I cannot wait to get out of here and go up to Rochester. We get to see Drew, one of the seniors that graduated last year. He was our homeschooling student, web designer, and scout master. We won't get to see Joey tho, who was our team captain, driver, and electrical guy. Oh, and he was also in the engineering academy too! Sucks that we can't see him....I want him to look at what an awesome job I did at the electrical this year. LOL :)

Now I have to get back to doing chores and getting ready to leave tomorrow. I'll hopefully be able to post my Day in Grace today...I've been slacking off without meaning to on it. Hope everybody enjoys the snow today! (Oh, if you can't tell....We got ANOTHER snow day today :) 4th one this year....YAY!!!)

March 1, 2009

Robotics and DIG

I'm gonna do my Day in Grace first....I'm up to day 5 I think...Yea. Day 5. lol

1) SNOW!!!!! :)

2) Getting the banners mostly finished I think (explained later on lol)

3) Getting to see Collin today :)

4) Drinking peppermint tea with sugar in it (more sugar than I usually put in there lol)

5) Knowing that I'm gonna have burgers soon!!! :)

Ok, so, now for the rest of this
Collin came over to the church at about 1:15 ish to help us work on robotics stuff. Like, the banners, buttons, etc. We finished all the buttons entirely. The banners aren't done yet....But, they're close.

The top of both banners has that. Not the "Our students" in jumbled letters, but the LUNATECS 316 in glitter and outlined in black. We worked our butt off on those, and there is more that I wasn't able to get pictures of lol
I did take pictures of Collin making buttons and what not, but he was getting frustrated that I kept taking pictures of him. LOL He should totally be used to it by now....I mean, has he met his step mom yet??? LOL!!! Love you Tonya!!! :)

And now to the better part.....SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Usually I detest snow. Probably cuz I hate the cold. But, when it gets closer to FLR, I start loving the snow. Gotta be because we have a snowball fight after the team social :)

Yepp....I'm a dorkk....But, I'm loved....So, it's all good :)

Now I'm just hoping we're gonna have off

Robotics things

Team 316