February 27, 2009

Day in Grace...Part 4

Ok....Here is my list of 5 things that graced me today :)

1) Getting to go to the Franklin Institute for a gifted and talented trip today

2) Doing a teen-friendly form of girls-night-out with my mom and sister lol or, in a way we did that lol

3) Getting new boots!!! :)

4) Bonny giving me 3 advil this morning to help with my cramps....Makes me feel better that even tho things between us used to be rocky, that's all in the past :)

5) Talking to Matt Fordham, even if it was for only a few minutes today

6 tiaras painted....

6 tiaras have been painted, 3 of them have LUNATECS on the bottom, one of them is complete....The lucky girl who has one done is....ALLYSON!!! :) Here is the final product

Ain't it cute??? :) I still have to finish mine and Shannon's. But, Ally's is done. :) I worked hard on her tiara....And the green space ship is going towards the moon even!! hahaha :)

Friday Fill In's

Hey everybody, it's time for Friday Fill In's!!! (I'm trying to be peppy....It ain't working.)

1. I'm just plain miserable right now, I'm in the mood for some Italian food, I HATE cramps with a passion!!!

2. Why do I have horrible cramps and not a painless time of the month???

3. How does this life work, anyway? (lol sorry I stole yours, Denise...Couldn't think of another one lol)

4. Every morning, I put clothes on my body.

5. I consider myself lucky because I know that people love me and care about me :)

6. One day we’ll see my little Nattie Bean grow up to be an amazing person who finds cures to things and changes the world.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to painting tiaras apparently lol, tomorrow my plans include going to Trenton for the New Jersey Regional...Fun?? lol and Sunday, I want to not have cramps!! urg. :(

February 26, 2009

Day in Grace...Part 3

Wow....Thinking about what I'm gonna write each day throughout the day really helps me think of the brighter side of things :)

1) Finding my dog after he decided to run away this morning.

2) Having an easy night at robotics tonight.

3) Knowing that I have until Monday to do all my assignments that are due tomorrow (I love Gifted and Talented trips lol)

4) Having Shannon work tonight, meaning she gets done working at 10. LOL No Shannon to deal with tonight! :)

5) Knowing I can trust people with my deepest secrets :)

Sorry, but I am only posting that for tonight....My cramps are killing me, and I'm about to go take 2 advil to curb my pain. Urg. Hate being a girl sometimes. I wish cramps would just go away! urg! Tomorrow is gonna suck in a way cuz I'm riding a bus at least 3 times, which means bounces....Which means more pain cuz of cramps. !@#$

February 25, 2009

Day 2 of Grace

Day of Grace! :)

1) Having my kitten calmly laying/sitting in my lap for alil while while I was typing things on my computer (that's a very rare thing lol)

2) Having a good time with Jen and Collin at dinner and at Fashion Bug :)

3) Having a good match against the evil staff members lol

4) Being able to easily figure out what my dog wants when she starts whining to my mom

5) Knowing that I'm going to get a fuel efficient car for my birthday (or so Collin claims it is....lol)

An actually good day :)

School was kinda boring today, yes. It always is. But, after school was better :)
We had a quick meeting about the GT trip on Friday to the Franklin Institute. Collin was supposed to be going with me, but since he has tests that day, he's not going. Oh well. Hopefully I'm with somebody I can stand. lol
And then we had our DuPont meet against the staff members.....

there are the majority the students on our team.....Yea, we lost. Big time. Urg. Well, you win some, you lose some. I guess. lol

Once that got done, Collin and I went to Applebee's to meet Jen there cuz she wanted to celebrate me getting on drive team and Collin making back up driver. :) It was a really good meal, and of course, we got dessert afterwards :) We each had one of those shooters, the chocolate mousee ones. Jen said there was too much chocolate. I looked at her like she was crazy. LOL Tho, I couldn't finish hers AND mine off....lol Oh well. :)
After that, we went to Fashion Bug against Collin's protests. He was not happy to be there cuz Jen and I were taking forever. lol :) that and he was stuck in the bra section. LOL Which again, made him go crazy. I picked out a pair of jeans I liked, and Jen paid for them, which was soooo sweet of her. I think I thanked her about a million times. Cuz we took longer than we expected at Applebee's and then also at Fashion Bug, we left there later than we meant to. lol Time flies when you're talking! :)
Collin drove me home after that and he wanted to play with Google

Look! He's kinda smiling! lol Google was biting his hands and arms, which makes him laugh like crazy. We're going to video tape Googly biting Collin one day to show Mr. Hinde that yes, Collin DOES smile and DOES laugh. LOL :)
He ended up staying here later than he probably should have. Like, he left here around 7:20 ish......Which was not good. Hopefully he doesn't get in trouble!
It was a fun day after school got done. Thank god. :) and I can't wait to wear my new jeans tomorrow! lol :) Jen, if you're reading this....THANK YOU AGAIN!!!! <3

February 24, 2009

Ice cream fun :)

Today, anybody who had a red, white, or blue card (kind of like a prize that PGHS gives to the students with really good grades and attendance) had to turn their cards in today cuz they expired on Valentine's Day. That doesn't mean that I didn't still use mine tho....lol!! But, so when we turned them in, we got to have ice cream for getting good grades the first marking period. I got two bowls of chocolate ice cream with oreo and chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Boy was it tasty :) Collin had gotten two of the vanilla with whipped cream and chocolate syrup....Mine were better. :) But, when eating it, I did think of Tonya cuz I know how much she likes ice cream. LOL

and now I'm even happier cuz my dad's friend from years ago from when he lived and worked in San Francisco found me on facebook and is now my friend on there. and we're talking about random things, and it reminds me how people who were really important in your life will surface eventually if they've ever been "lost" in a sense. He was always the best. We would hang out with him in the random parks in SF and throw a frisbee around and watch him and my dad play Ultimate Frisbee with a bunch of other guys. Those were the best days. Those were the early days of my parents' divorce too. At least I can remember those days with some good in them.

oh, and I had told Tonya that I would post a picture of our robot so if I didn't get in trouble that she knew she could as well. lol so, there is a picture of our robot, Sammy Su Botsy. :) She is a lovely robot, but her camera in the bottom right corner near the big thing in the middle is no longer there cuz Mikey rammed Sammy Su into the hand rail in Davidow. So, we have no camera. :( But, other than that, Sammy Su is perfectly fine :)

February 23, 2009

Day One of Day in Grace

Alright. So, I decided to do the Days in Grace thing that Denise does.

Ok, so I am to pick 5 things that have happened today that were good....

1) Finding an adult that actually cares about issues that are important to me.

2) Knowing I can trust my bestie with my secrets, no matter how bad they are.

3) Training a new acolyte for church so Shannon and I don't have to it every single week.

4) Texting my cousin who is closest to me in age, knowing that he comes to me when he has problems even tho I live in NJ and he lives in TX.

5) Having left over spaghetti for dinner.

Wow. That was actually harder than I thought it was gonna be to come up with that list. Weird. lol

February 22, 2009


Today was definitely a good day. It really made up for the crappy days I've been having lately. Which is really good.

At around 2 ish, Collin picked me up and we went to go get milk cuz he was going to be making dinner. He was making chicken alfredo and I got to help him. I wasn't the best help, but I did my part. lol Pretty much, I grated the cheese and stirred things when he told me to. Oh, and I put the olive oil in the pan for the chicken. lol I really didn't do much. Tho he apparently went all out cuz I was there. :) So, we had pasta too. He wasn't too happy cuz the sauce started to seperate, but Fred managed to salvage it for the most part. I thought dinner was really good :)

When I got home, Collin and I talked to my mom for a while. It was pretty funny. Like, it was totally random things we were talking about. lol Which made it the best. lol or, kinda the best. lol not really. Oh well. :)

My mom, sister, and I then went over to my grandparents' house where we had spaghetti. So, I ended up with two delicious dinners. I ate more at Collin's than I did of my mom's spaghetti. lol :)

and now I'm home, waiting for Big Love to come on. Once it comes on, I'm gonna be so happy. I'm now hooked on the show....What fun :) lol

I'm also contemplating if I should start the thing that Denise does, the Day of Grace. I dunno tho. Still thinking about it. It'll give me something to do....So, I dunno yet.

Hope everybody has a great night!!! :)

Robotics tiaras

This year for robotics competitions, our team is going all out. We're making lanyards, orbit balls, and buttons to hand out to people. We're making those things you see with a school team on it or whatever. Like, they're the triangle things and sometimes they'll say "Go Proofs!" or whatever. lol So, we're making some of those to boost our spirit. Another thing we're doing is just for the girls. We're making LuNaTeCs princess tiaras

They started out white. My mom had gotten them at Michael's and we also got teal glitter paint and those sponge brushes. And we got sticky letters and sticky space stickers. Which are going on the tiaras AND the banner things we're making.

This morning I painted the tiaras. I sat on my kitchen floor with one of those paper table cloths under the tiaras and just painted. We discovered that one layer of this paint isn't enough cuz it's more of a glitter paint which is never that noticable if you've ever worked with it. So, once I got done the first layer on the 3 tiaras we have, I did a second layer. It was actually pretty hard working on them with a year old kitten who wants to play with the paper cuz it makes noise lol

We still have to get two more tiaras because we learned on Thursday that every girl on our team wanted to wear one. We were thinking that somebody wouldn't want to wear one or something. Yea, we were wrong. So, today when my mom and grandmom got out today while I'm at Collin's, they are going to pick up at least two more. This year the girls on our team are gonna look awesome....Braids with pipe cleaners in them and the spacey tiaras. LOL Can't wait at all :)

February 21, 2009


I passed the written part of my permit test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) On the 10 and 11 of March, I'm doing my 6 hours of driving. AND they are picking me up at school at 2:30 those days too! :) Can you say easy on my family??? lol After we got done at the driving school, Mom, Poppop and I went to Friendly's for a celebration meal. lol My dad said that my mom can be the one to take me get my license tho....lol that was a funny conversation. lol :)

February 20, 2009

Friday Fill In's

1. Give me dark chocolate and I'll love ya forever.
2. Whenever I need to talk to somebody, I text my loving boyfriend :).
3. I wish I had some more money.
4. Chicken and dumplings was the last thing I ate that was utterly delicious.
5. To live in this world has showed me that life is not always what it's cracked up to be.
6. Other than this one, either Denise or Tonya is the last blog I commented on.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to go over my driving permit questions some more, tomorrow my plans include taking the written part of my permit test and Sunday, I want to see Collin! Tho, I know it might not happen.


It's been like, forever since my last post. These past few days have been insane. And tonight's post is going to be extremely short because I'm studying for a test I'm taking tomorrow. Yes, I know there is no school tomorrow. I'm taking the written part of my driving permit test. I'm taking the online practice tests over and over again until I can get every question right. My family members have been asking me different questions all night and have been telling me NOT to over analyze any of the questions, which I generally do. Tomorrow, I'm going to be a wreck....This should be fun!
Now it's off to my studying. I'll post more tomorrow. Hopefully. lol :)

February 18, 2009

Color wheel

blue: 39.41%
white: ??? %
red: ??? %
yellow: ??? %

Blues (Motive: Intimacy)

are motivated by Intimacy. They seek to genuinely connect with others, and need to be understood and appreciated. Everything they do is quality-based. They are loyal friends, employers, and employees. Whatever or whomever they commit to is their sole (and soul) focus. They love to serve and give of themselves freely in order to nurture others' lives.

blues have distinct preferences and have the most controlling personality. Their personal code of ethics is remarkably strong and they expect others to live honest, committed lives as well. They enjoy sharing meaningful moments in conversation as well as paying close attention to special life events (e.g. birthdays and anniversaries). blues are dependable, thoughtful, and analytical; but can also be self-righteous, worry-prone, and moody. They are "sainted pit-bulls" who never let go of something or someone once they are committed. When you deal with a BLUE, be sincere and make a genuine effort to understand and appreciate them.

February 17, 2009

At the Well

At the Well's discussion questions from yesterday....
What is your definition of friendship?
Friendship is when you're able to trust somebody with something important to you. You talk periodically and you help eachother through the hard times. Friendship is when you have a bond with somebody that you don't have with other people on the street.
Did you follow the belief that we should not be friends with our children?
Seeing as how I am 16 and don't have any children, I couldn't have followed that belief. :)
Has that changed?
Again, have no children.
In what ways can we befriend our husbands and children?
Ok, this one I am able to answer. Just by listening and showing that you're always there, no matter what, a woman can befriend her husband and children.
What can we do to teach these skills to someone else?
The best way to learn I've noticed is by example. If a woman is friends with her husband and her children and a newly wed couple or engaged couple notices, chances are the new bride or soon-to-be-bride will follow after the other woman's footsteps.

February 16, 2009

Build season is done!

Everybody, sing it with me: BUILD SEASON IS DONE! BUILD SEASON IS DONE! :)

We ship out our robot tomorrow. We still don't have a drive team picked out yet, but, hopefully that will be done by Thursday.

We practiced out our sister team's field yesterday. Tonya, Fred, and Ally joined us. We ended up leaving an hour or so after we had planned, so Tonya helped with crafts while Ally was just being her cute self and running all over the place. lol My mom gave her the task of helping her carry the orbit balls from the "homework room" to the workshop.

She looked so fricken cute! lol by the last few balls, she had Fred help them bring the orbit balls in.

While all this was going on, we were all still working on crafts. Some of us were making smaller orbit balls and others of us were making lanyards.

Collin was making an orbit ball while I was starting the lanyards....We got really, really bored and frustrated working on the orbit balls lol I made one, and it SUCKED!!! lol

We all had fun at MOE's field. Laughing and just being ourselves :)

I'm hoping that I'm on drive team. I'll find out Thursday hopefully!!! :)

February 15, 2009

Perfection :)

Here is a better picture of the roses:

I love him <3

Oh joy

This morning was good. I got to robotics, and Collin handed me the key to the Durango saying "Passenger side door. Careful when you open it." Once I was done eating my breakfast, I went out to the Durango and opened the door. What I saw was...

A dozen roses :) My mom gave me the key to her car, and I put my roses in there. I was so surprised to see them! I couldn't stop smiling tho.

Then things started to go downhill. All the students stayed away from the workshop, and for good reason too. The mentors were pissed. The robot wasn't working right. We almost didn't go to MOE's field either. =/ Finally, they got it fixed...Or, so they thought. But, during that time, Tonya, Fred, and Ally came cuz they were gonna go with us to Delaware. Well, Tonya was helping us with arts and crafts. lol Fred and Ally were walking around kinda, and then they went to Pedricktown to his grandparents.

Finally we got to MOE's field. Everything was semi-fine until Mr. Hinde told me to drive. Things started really messing up at that point, and when the robot started to run again, the key thing fell out of the gear box. Mr. Hinde thought that I was doing something wrong tho, so he started yelling kinda. Which caused me to start crying. I tried so hard to hide it too =/ Finally I stopped crying, but by that point they figured out what was wrong and we were packing up. Collin, Shannon and I brought the robot back outside to my uncle's truck. At first I was trying to help Collin put the robot into the bed of the truck, but I can't lift 117 lbs, or however much that robot weighs. It weighs more than me! And I can barely do push ups! lol So, Shannon helped with my side of the robot. We went back in, and Ally made stupid remarks.

We left, the majority of us pissed. At least the mentors haven't picked anybody to be drive team. Mom is gonna sit down and talk to Mr. Hinde and Mrs. Danner soon tho. And I think Tonya is gonna help my mom with that? All I know is that the two mentors are NOT gonna like Mom for alil while.


As everybody knows, yesterday was Valentine's Day. I hope everybody had an awesome Valentine's day. Mine was ok for the most part. I was at robotics all day yesterday. I did get to see Collin yesterday, which made me happier than ever. We also didn't totally listen to Mom and Tonya telling us to stay far away from eachother. Sorry Tonya. lol We didn't talk much until about lunch time, and that's about when Matt Fordham and his dad walked out. I hate it when the mentors fight!

So, by that time, all the students needed to get out of the building. We walked around the campus 2 times at least and once we all got back into the building, we learned that the mentors started to take apart the robot. So, we went into "the homework room" and did arts and crafts.

Collin made me an orbit ball in my favorite colors :) I had asked Ally to make me a black and purple orbit ball and my mom had asked her to make an orange and blue. Well, Collin heard me ask for the black and purple, so he made me one. He says it looks like crap. But, I don't think it does. When I realized that he was making it for me, I got all warm with happiness. He had been saying earlier that he felt bad cuz he couldn't get me a rose without running late. While a rose would have been cool, this means so much more to me. Mr. Weick had even said on Friday that his wife loves it more when he makes her something. Guess I'm like Mrs. Weick! lol :)

In a few minutes, I'm gonna go dry my hair and then we're off to drop Shannon off at church

February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!!! :) I hope that everybody has a Valentine and gets something sweet from them. I still have to fold the card up that I made Collin this morning. :)

So, since it's Valentine's Day, I decided that I had to celebrate. Especially since this is the first year where I've been around my Valentine all day long. It would have been slightly better if we had school today, but whatever. Looks like the people at robotics are going to suffer. LOL

I wanted to wear pink or red today, so I searched my room for a pink or red shirt. Pretty hard to do actually. I finally found my pink Tinkerbell shirt that I got for my birthday last year. The majority of it is pink, so I decided it would work.

I decided to do something with my hair. I've always wanted to put ribbon in my hair, but I've never had the patience/time/event to put it in my hair. Until today. :) I grabbed 2 bobby pins, red ribbon, and the scissors. I cut two strips of ribbon so they would go from about above my ears past my pony tail. Once I had cut them, I made them curly in that special way you can, and stuck about the middle point of each ribbon through a bobby pin. Then I put the bobby pins in my hair at about where my ear is. Then once I had those in my hair, I grabbed my pink scrunchie, and put that overtop of the hair tye I already had in my hair. I made sure that the ribbon I had just put in my hair was in there too. Then I cut a few more strips of ribbon, curled them, and stuck them just plain through my scrunchie at about the midpoint of the ribbons. This is what it looked like:

I kinda got a crappy picture of it lol here is one with me in the picture lol

Eh, a little bit of a better shot lol

Happy Valentine's Day!

February 13, 2009


I never thought that the mentors could drive me that insane. I mean yea, they get mad at us and stuff, but I usually ignore them. Today, it got to be too much. URG

February 12, 2009

And the insanity begins

Uh, yea. This weekend is going to be H-E-Double-hockey-stick for all of us on the robotics team. It's Crunch Weekend. And we haven't started practicing yet. =/ We still haven't started decorating yet! Our sponsors aren't on the robot yet either. Oh boy. =/

February 11, 2009

I knew it wouldn't last long =[

Rest in peace, Amy Pierce.
37 years old.
Date of Birth: I don't remember exactly when she was born. I know she was about a year younger than my mom tho.
Date of Death: February 11, 2009
I know you and Great Gran are having fun up there in Heaven, Amy. Give her hugs and kisses from me. I never really knew either of you, but you both were amazing. Amazingly strong women. Me and Mommy are jealous of you, Amy. You get to spend time with Great Gran by yourself. We know you're not in any pain anymore. Which is the best thing that could ever happen right now. You didn't have nearly enough time on this world tho. We all promise to take care of Lucas and Amber for you. Those two kids were the luckiest children ever to have you as a mother.
We love you Amy.

February 10, 2009

Good news! :)

Poppop came out of the hospital last night. Me, Mom, Shannon, and Mimi went to pick him up. YAY!!!
Other good news....Amy is still currently with us, and she got to go to Lucas' baptism. :)
And now it's bed time. lol

February 8, 2009

Party!! :)

Last night we celebrated Miss Feather and Jeremy getting married. They got married about a week ago, but Miss Feather refused to let us have a party. So, my mom wanted to have a surprise party and Jeremy said that he would get her there somehow. She found out at the last minute, but he got her to come to the party anyway :)

There is Miss Feather's 3 year old daughter Nathalia. We were watching Noggin for a good chunk of the night, and Go Diego, Go was telling her to jump up, duck, and shake her body to help the road runner :) She looked so cute dancing around last night lol

Rachael works extremely well with little kids. lol Obviously. lol So, once Rachael got there, she was playing with Nattie for a while. Nat was loving it too lol

And there is the happy couple :) Everybody came down into the back room to play karaoke. Miss Feather was singing, Jeremy wasn't tho. :( lol We tried to get him to sing tho. It just didn't work lol

Those are 4 outta the 5 people who work at the front desk all the time. Like, check in/check out. The other one was sitting on the couch next to Dr. Howard, her fiance. Look at the belly on Miss Feather tho!!! :) I can't wait until the baby girl is born! I would put her name, but I forget how to spell it lol it's a pretty name, it's spelled the English way tho. lol Which, I can't spell lol

After the party, I went to Rachael's house for the night. We played Wii Sports for alil while. Oh, and I got my Wii Fitness age from 39 to 25 :) lol We stayed up until about midnight ish, then I went into Colton's room and fell asleep (he wasn't home lol). When I woke up, her and Miss Jenn were standing in the door way looking at me. Great. lol Just how I want to wake up every morning....My bestie and her mom waiting for me to get up. LOL We went to Wawa and got donuts and chocolate milk. It was pretty good lol Then Colton came home from his dad's. Jenn, Colton, and Jenn's mom went to mass while Rach, her grandfather, and I stayed home. Rach and I played Animal Crossing City Folk for a while. We were on our way to Delaware when my sister called saying that my mom and grandmom would pick me up at Cracker Barrel. Good thing we didn't get too far! lol

Oh, and I found out that my grandfather wasn't gonna come home today. He's not gonna come home for another few days. :( And on Thursday he was so upset cuz he wasn't gonna get to take me to Pittman to take my permit test. He really wanted to take me to go take it, which I find so sweet. Oh, and another sweet thing....My mom's cousin Amy went to church today on a strecher accompanied by a Hospice nurse. She went cuz her oldest, Lucas, was being baptized today. He said to Amy today, and the entire family that was there, "I want to give my life to Jesus" which made her so happy. She was looking forward to seeing her 7 year old baptized, and even tho we don't want to think about it, we are all thinking that since she got to see her baby baptized, she's not going to be with us this morning. She had more strength than all of us did today tho. She's had alot more strength than any of us have in a long time. Hopefully tomorrow won't be a sad day....

February 7, 2009


URG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the mentors for the robotics team. I really, really do. But I swear to god, if build season doesn't get done soon, I'm going to kill Mr. Hinde during a meeting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 6, 2009


What can I come up with that happened today??

Well, we had school. Today was my first day of having Honors US History 1. I'm sooo happy to be in it. Cerrito does give lots of homework each night I've learned tho. Like, we have to do an outline a night for her. But hey, at least that means I'm gonna learn something, right? Third block was a mess cuz Denby didn't quite understand that I had switched a class which therefore changed me from having her 1 block to having her 3 block. Mrs. Burke said she was gonna email my teachers about that too. Urg......Oh well. Finally got it worked out....I hate changing for gym sometimes tho lol
We had a pep rally today too. It was boring, and Rachel and I were sitting up at the top of the bleachers texting people and making fun of the cheerleaders. Wrong of us, I know. But still. We needed something to do. *Angelic* And afterall, I'm only 16 lol
After that, Collin and I drove to his house where we hung out for alil while. At around 6 ish, we left for Shelby's cuz I was about ready to kill Michael (Sorry Tonya. He was just driving me insane. PMS is evil to me). Since we were gonna be REALLY early, Collin kinda drove around for a few minutes. We ended up getting there about 5 minutes early, but that didn't really matter. Christian got there a few minutes later. So, our meeting was officially started lol Mikey and Mark came as well. So, it was me, Collin, Shelby, Ally, Christian, Mikey, and Mark. We strategized because we want to practice tomorrow. Mr. Hinde will end up getting a copy of the strategy from at least us 7 people and probably others as well. :) All cuz we love Mr. Hinde! lol
Collin and I ended up getting so wrapped into the meeting (or, at least I did) that we realized at alil past 8 that we had to go in order to get the Durango back to Fred by 9 for him to go to work. We quickly got out of there and quickly went to get gas. We ended up getting back to my house around 8:40 ish which meant that there was no way (other than speeding, which Collin knows he can't do) for Collin to get the Durango back by 9. So, I jumped out of the car, told Collin I would see him tomorrow, and he was off.
So, that's all that has happened today. Oh, minus the fact that Ally was running around with my shoes today. I've learned that I really shouldn't take my shoes off while I'm over there....Yet I still take them off....lol :) It's fun chasing her around the downstairs trying to get my shoes. Tho, Michael was getting annoying during that...Obviously that's why I was ready to kill him Tonya lol don't worry tho. He didn't get hurt.

Friday Fill In's

1. Please don't tell any secrets you know about me.
2. Can you understand how excited I will be to drive the robot in the morning?
3. The color green makes me want to fly out to California to see my dad!
4. I have a craving for Special Dark Chocolate.
5. If my life had a pause button, I'd pause it at last year's Labor Day picnic. As in, the year 2007....About a month or so before Marvin died....I want those Labor Day picnics back that he used to hold.
6. Eyes are the things that give Collin away when he's happy :).
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to crawling into bed and texting Collin until I fall asleep, tomorrow my plans include hopefully going to MOE's practice field in order to practice driving the robot....Mr. Hinde better say we are going! and Sunday, I want to hang out with ZachAttack at church :)

February 5, 2009

Life List :)

Shark Bait (Sorry, I don't know your actual name) gave me a good idea today. The idea is to create a list of things I want to do during my lifetime. I'm not gonna include things I've already done (even tho I kinda want to lol) so, here's my list. Chances are I'm gonna add/take away things as time goes on lol

Life List:
1) Be able to run an entire 5K
2) Get into a good college
3) Learn how to draw well (like, my best friend Rachael well)
4) Go to Hawaii
5) Win a regional and Nationals in robotics
6) Find people who I've lost contact with
7) Visit France
8) Ride in a limo
9) Swim with dolphins
10) Be able to not require someone to always help me out
11) Have a wonderful job/family
12) Learn to drive a stick
13) Stand up for myself when I really need to
14) Take at least 2 AP classes, and get at least a 4 on all the tests
15) Not have to take anymore finals in high school
16) Understand my parents better
17) Own my own house

Uhm, yea. that's all I can come up with right now. Will come up with more later. :)

February 4, 2009

Snow Day!!! :)

Today is the second snow day of the 2009 year!!! :) I'm soooo happy about that too. Last time it was more icy than it is today, so it was more of an ice day. lol But this time, oh, yea, it's the good stuff. Like, the snow that is perfect to make snowballs in and stuff. So, once I got outta the shower and dressed, what did I do? Yupp, I went out and played in the snow. :)

And of course, my little dogs had to come with us! They love playing in the snow. That and the leaves. They bark at us when we shovel the snow or when we rake up leaves. Jenny loves to eat the snow while Cody almost tries to bite it lol It's fun to watch them play in the snow :)

The wind was blowing while I was out there. Causing the snow to blow off of everything. Hopefully the wind from the field behind my house will cause snow dunes in my backyard. It's sooo fun to watch the dogs try to go through the snow dunes :)

There is my little princess. She gets tired playing in the snow and leaves and just plain running around and playing with her brother. So, when that happens, she just plops down on the ground, no matter what is there. She could be in leaves, snow, or nothing. She just will plop down and look at us with her big eyes like "Hi....Am I doing something wrong by laying here?" She's such a little cutie :)

My Cody bear!!! lol He usually is jumping at us trying to eat the snow out of the shovel. I'm guessing he was licking the snow/ice off of the fur on his paws? lol

I took many pictures of myself today cuz I was bored while shoveling the snow. But, this was the best picture. Unfortunately, I was only able to shovel snow before my fingers and toes started to freeze. So, I couldn't play in the snow with my doggies as much as I wanted to. That, and I would go out there now, but I gotta study for my Driver's test. Or, the written part anyway. lol
Hope everybody on the East Coast who has a snow day enjoys it!!! :)

February 3, 2009

To my brother

Dear Zachary,
I hate myself for making you feel this way. I hate that I broke my promise to you. I understand that you can't trust me entirely anymore. You're the best little brother I could ever ask for. And I screwed up so bad. I know there isn't much I can do to take back what I did. I wish I didn't break my promise. Things aren't right anymore without knowing that when I give you a hug that you'll hug back.
I know there is nothing I can do to make this up to you. If you ever read this tho, please know that this all came from my heart and it's not like it's forced or anything. I seriously am close to crying typing all of this. I'm close to crying knowing that even tho you're kinda talking to me on AIM, you're upset cuz I messed up and I ruined the trust that you had in me.
I'm sorry ZachAttack. I really am sorry. :'(
Your loving sister,

February 2, 2009

Trying something new today...

Gathering At the Well

So, I'm going to try something new today. I'm going to attempt to it from now until I stop blogging. Denise actually got me started on it by having it in her blog today. Hopefully I am able to keep this going everyday.

Today's Scripture says this: Your job is to speak out on the things that make for solid doctrine. Guide older men into lives of temperance, dignity, and wisdom, into healthy faith, love, and endurance. Guide older women into lives of reverence so they end up as neither gossips nor drunks, but models of goodness. By looking at them, the younger women will know how to love their husbands and children, be virtuous and pure, keep a good house, be good wives. We don't want anyone looking down on God's Message because of their behavior. Also, guide the young men to live disciplined lives.

(by the way, I'm using BibleGateway.com to get these everyday now...And I'm using The Message version of the Bible. It's a bit easier for me to understand.)

When you read the Scripture found in Titus 2: 2-5, how do you see this playing out in your own life?
I guess this Scripture plays out in my life because I try to be the best person I can be. I try to be the best friend to my bestie that I can be. I also try to be the best sister I can be to my biological sister and to the people who I consider to be my brothers and sisters.
What are your areas of strength? Of weakness?
I think my strength is my consideration to everyone's feelings. I try so hard to put other people before myself so that I'm not being selfish like some people I have met in my 16 years on this Earth. My weakness would probably have to be that I procrastinate and I am lazy. I hate doing work when I'm not doing anything, so instead of getting my work done before it's required to be done, I wait until the last minute to do the work.
If you could set some sort of goal in relation to this Scripture, what would it be?
My goal is to take initiative in things that will change my life. Like taking initiative in robotics or in confimation class.


I am not tutoring today. :( Kristen is going to show up on Wednesday instead of today. :( I have nothing to do now! Well, I guess I could clean....But that's not that fun

So excited!

Today is a good day...Why you may ask? Well, I'm about to tell you! Silly goose!

I woke up multiple times during the night cuz I'm so stuffed up. That part sucked, but each time I woke up, I realized that Padme, the monkey Collin had made me about 2 weeks ago, was still right there in my arms/under me. You see, I roll around in my sleep alot and I throw things off my bed pretty much. So, the fact that I didn't throw Padme off my bed like I usually do made me feel so much better. :)

So, I woke up at around 6 ish to feed the dogs. Shannon got into the shower, I took the dogs out, and then I went back upstairs and fell asleep for about 45 minutes. I didn't hear Shannon come upstairs to get dressed. I did hear Shannon and my mom talking at about 7 about whether Shannon should have been standing on the porch yet or if she was fine where she was. So, after I heard both the middle door and the front door closing signaling that Shannon had left for the bus, I grabbed my Tinkerbell blanket and Padme and went downstairs. I curled up on the sofa, and proceeded to fall asleep for another hour. At around 8 ish my mom woke me up, told me that in order for me to be allowed to go out today I had to do at least one load of laundry and clean out the dish washer. Oh, and put the Christmas stuff that is still on the table in a box in the basement. But, that will be done once I'm done with this post. She left, and I fell back asleep. Kinda. lol I was texting Collin, so I didn't really fall asleep entirely.

At about 10, Collin told me he was leaving my house. So, I went upstairs, grabbed clothes, went into my bathroom, grabbed my towel, comb, razor, hair brush, deodorant, and the cream stuff I need to put on my rash thingy and went into my mom's bathroom to shower. I got in at 10:15, and I was thinking "Oh, crap. He's gonna get here just as I'm done showering. URG!!" I showered as fast as I could, and once I got outta the shower, I quickly shut the door since I had forgotten to before I got in. I got dressed as fast as I could and I went to go find out if Collin was here. It was about 10:30....Nope. He wasn't there. I dried my hair, and got on my computer for alil bit. Just as he pulled in, I grabbed my necklace and hoodie.

And then we were off to Swedesboro. On our way there, my grandmom called asking me if I could go to the bank for her and the post office...Hm, Mimi, that's kinda hard since I was in Beckett at the time....lol So, she said she'd figure some other way to get those things done. We went to Bank of America so I could get out lunch money for the week. Then we went back into Beckett to get some food at Wendy's. Then we went to Penns Grove to go to the IGA and to April's house to grab something she wanted to give Collin. We ended up getting back here at about 2 ish or so. Wow. Time flies when you're out running errands! :)

And now, I'm waiting for it to be 3 so I can tutor Kristen. then, at 5 my grandparents are bringing us to my mom's office. Why you ask? This is the best part....Cuz, my mom loves me and Shannon so much. She knows how we wish we could go to New Orleans this year for Jazz Fest to see our favorite band. She also knows how we wish we could go to New Orleans this year for Mardi Gras, which is on February 24 this year. So.....She bought 3 tickets.....To go see....COWBOY MOUTH!!!! :)

February 1, 2009

Ties and sadness

My grandfather gave me and Shannon a lesson on how to do ties. You see, Shannon's boyfriend doesn't know how to tie a tie. And last year before Sweetheart Dance with Andy, he was struggling to do his tie as well. (It took him more time to put on his tie than it took me to put on my eyeliner....And he started BEFORE me! lol) So, Poppop taught us how to.

That was Shannon's first attempt to do the tie. Yes, I look cheesy. :)

That was my second attempt at the tie. The first attempt SUCKED!! lol

And now, the sadness...=/
My mom's cousin, Amy, who is a year or so younger than her was diagnosed 15 months ago with liver cancer. It is a rare case because the cancer started in her liver. The doctors told her she only had a few months to live when they diagnosed it. She has been fighting so hard. She's been on experimental drugs, done radiation, and many other things. She has a 5 year old daughter named Amber and a 7 year old son named Lucas. She got divorced from her ex husband about a month or so before she was diagnosed. Amber and Lucas live with Amy/Amy's parents. Amy has been taking care of these two children and working pretty much by herself. We think that because she has been pushing herself so much, it's been keeping her alive as long as it has. Now she is in the hospital in Kentucky. The doctors are saying she might not make it through the night. And if she does, then she'll have at max 2 weeks. Everyone in our family is a wreck right now. Her two gorgeous children will move up to Chicago to live with their dad. And they only know part of what is wrong. They know Amy is sick, but don't know the extent of it. I hate to ask everybody this, but please pray for Amy and her children. All of us are holding our breaths right now, and are pretty much dreading each time the phone rings, just incase it's Uncle David telling us that Amy isn't with us anymore. We know that she is in pain....Only 3% of her liver is working right now. All we ask is that you mention her in your prayers tonight. Please.

Rock band =]

After church today, Collin picked me up, and we went to his house to hang out. He had been telling me all week that when I was over there next, we were gonna play Rock Band. I kept telling him he was insane, and that I wasn't gonna play. Well, as it turns out, he won. lol

Of course, he was messing with my camera while I was playing. (Ally had practically emptied my purse while Collin was playing. So, the contents of my purse were all over my lap and his since she had been sitting on my lap lol) And he took a picture of what the screen was showing while I was playing the guitar....I was doing...Ok? lol

While Collin was playing one of the songs, I was taking pictures...One of them happened to be of Tonya singing and Michael playing the drums. =]

Does anybody else see the sippy cup in Collin's arm?? Yepp. Allyson decided that she didn't want to hold it while she was sitting on my lap ransacking my purse. And I didn't feel like holding it either. So, her drink went in the crook of Collin's arm while he was playing. =]

Evil Collin took a picture of me playing. LOL I was learning how to do everything while playing with Michael. The first few songs Collin was physically helping me. But then he left me to fend for myself. At least Ally wasn't in my lap at that point. Yes, she jumped in my lap a few times while I was playing. It was hard at times. Cuz I would be playing, and then all of a sudden she tried to climb into my lap, so I had to move the guitar so she could sit down. then, a few seconds later, she wanted to run around again. Crazy little girl!! :)
She also was hiding my shoes....I was literally chasing her around the bottom floor trying to get my shoes back from her. She was laughing her butt off too. Collin was handing her my shoes, and so was Michael. Only way Collin would protect my shoes was if I played Rock Band. So, I did....And I'm glad I did. =]

Oh, I almost forgot! Joe's Pizza Shop in Woodstown donated $25 to the robotics team. =] We're sooo happy about that. Ciero is so sweet to us, and knows my aunt well. And she had asked about the possibility of him donating money a few days ago. He had said that if we go in there and hand him the letter, he'd donate money. So, we went there today (before I left for Collin's house) and he wrote a check for $25. We're maybe closer to going to Nationals this year? Hope so!!!

Robotics things

Team 316