December 12, 2009

Christmas present dilemma

I have a dilemma. I have 13 more days (counting today) until Christmas Eve. And I don't have gifts for 6 little girls (Allyson, Nathalia, Kyra, Celine, Emma, and Adelyn) who I love dearly. I've decided I want to knit them something, but I'm not totally sure what yet. I do have a few ideas for each girl tho. (and yes, I have done repeats for most of the girls lol)

Allyson: scarf, mini backpack, pillow, headband
Nathalia: scarf, mini backpack, pillow, headband
Kyra: scarf, little purse, pillow, headband
Celine: scarf, pillow, headband
Emma: scarf, mini backpack, pillow, headband
Adelyn: blanket

I have patterns for the headbands and I can pop out scarves like no tomorrow. So those gifts are likely for each of the girls minus Adelyn. But I want to give them something else. I dunno. Do those ideas sound good for girls who range from the ages of 6 months (Adelyn) to 8 years (Kyra) with the other 4 girls being around the age of 3 ish?

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Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

I think they will love anything you make. Little girls all love things like that.

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