July 2, 2010

oops =/

as always, I am being a bad blogger....I am in California (have been since Sunday) and will be here for another 4 weeks and 2 days. No, I am not counting down the days ;)

I just got done packing up some clothes and stuff for overnight because I am spending the night at my grandmom's tonight. All 3 of my cousins on my dad's side are going to be there as well, along with my aunts and uncles and dad and grandparents. It's the first time that all the cousins have been together. When we were with our youngest cousin over Christmas break, the other two weren't in town. and the last time we were with the older two cousins, the youngest wasn't yet born.

I'm actually off to go downstairs and eat something....it's been a little while since I ate, and I'm kinda feeling crappy right now. My goal over the summer is to blog a bit more. which is possible right now since I don't have a job this summer. (I'll explain in another post).

Have a good Fourth of July!

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