April 10, 2010

Friday Fill In's :) (A day late lol)

1. In 1992, I was born in the month of September :).

2. You can never get enough laughter and smiles.

3. Do what you want to do, with what you have available, where you wanna do it.

4. Back in bed, sleeping is where I'd like to be.

5. The trees and flowers are telling me it's definitely allergy season.

6. Nathalia is a little girl that just keeps going on.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going out with Collin and his friends to Applebee's after spending some quality time with the girlies, tomorrow my plans include finishing up some chemistry and English homework and Sunday, I want to relax....tho I know it won't happen! haha

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