October 12, 2009


Tomorrow is me and Collin's first anniversary!!!! :) I am soooooooooooooo happy! Tho I'm not sure what makes me more happy....Knowing that we've been together for a year, or knowing that he loves me enough to be with me for a year. :) lol
I gave him the present I made for him yesterday on our way home from the mall (I was driving, so it was more of a "Collin, grab the bag in the back, will ya?" haha). At first when he opened it, he wasn't too happy with me cuz he had told me not to get him anything. But I'm not a very good listener :D
I made him a photo album of pictures of us from a few days before we started dating to last Tuesday night. After he got over his unhappiness, he laughed and said that since we filled a page and a half this year, we will just have to fill up a page and a half every year :)
He did forget it in the car Sunday night. When I texted him and told him, he genuinly sounded sorry. lol so, I forgive him for forgetting it. Even tho I was joking with him saying he did it on purpose ;) lol

On a different note....Tomorrow my grandmother goes in at 7 to have her right knee replaced. PLEASE pray for her. They aren't putting her under (heart and lungs might not be able to handle it) so instead they are doing a spinal block. They will give her some meds as well to make her really drowsy. I am going up to the hospital with my sister tomorrow night to go see her. I'm even skipping robotics to go see her. And I'm not going out on a date with Collin like I had wanted to earlier. Which is huge. Cuz if it was anything else going on that night, I would have skipped THAT to go on a date with Collin on our anniversary.
But please just keep my grandmother in your prayers. And my entire family. She will be in the hospital for four days and then will be in rehab at South Gate for about a week. I will definitely be posting something tomorrow night after I get home from the hospital. So, be on the lookout for an update on her.

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Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Happy Anniversary! Can I see the photo album?

I will be praying for your Grandmom and your family.

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