August 13, 2009


Today is a big day. Collin and I are celebrating our 10 months today. Which is huge. But, of course, it had to rain today, so our plans to go to the park are ruined now. And we can't find anything to do that won't require us to make an effort to go there. Stupid, stupid rain.

Tonight there is a party for my graduating class from my middle school. A pool party. My best friend (who actually graduated from Woodstown, not Oldmans) is gonna be there cuz she went to Oldmans her entire life with the exception of 5 and 8 grades. Collin is going also. lol And afterwards, Rach is spending the night here. So, that's good.

Still have an issue of figuring out something to do.....Crap.

1 comment:

Tonya said...

Happy Anniversary! :-)

Why don't you guys catch a movie or go to the mall?

The rain has spoiled my plans with the kids too! We were going to the park today too! But probably not the same park...

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