August 1, 2009

Mostly packed and home for 6 weeks

It's official....Last night I packed up all of my clothes that were not in the washing machine or dryer. I leave tomorrow and I have mixed feelings about it. For 6 weeks, my home has been Santa Cruz, CA. I've been with my dad, the man who I've always looked up to, no matter how bad things were during my life. And believe me, things have gone from great to horrible in the matter of a few minutes during points of my life. And he was always there for me, even tho I used to push him away during one point in my almost 17 years of being on this earth. Being with him was great. But I'm dying to get back to Jersey where almost all of my close friends are. And where my boyfriend of over 9 months is. Packing my suitcase this time took longer than it usually does because not only was I packing all of my clothes, but I was packing away memories that I had made on this trip.
I have a bunch of pictures included in this post...Of my room that I lived in for 6 weeks. Kinda lame, I know. But I figured I'd let you see what I saw every morning for the past 6 weeks. Very different than the room I live in when I'm in Jersey...

My bag that is almost all packed. Just need to put a few more things in it to finish packing.

My dresser when I'm here. With a few books on the very top. At one point during these 6 weeks, that open section had about 10 books filling it. Now the majority of them are in my suitcase, waiting to be added to my collection at Mom's house.

My desk. I've had that desk from when I first moved to California about 10 years ago. I think it used to be my aunt's desk when she was about 7, which is when I first got the desk. It's gone through many moves, and now it's final place for now is at my dad's house.

My bed. Kinda a bad shot. haha. Oh, and please ignore the mess of clothes on the right side of the room. Those are my dad's clothes, not mine or Shannon's.

My sister's bed with her clothes on it. She didn't pack last night like I did because she was at a friend's house for the night.

The closet in our room. It's a HUGE walk-in closet. Like, I could easily fit my bed in there and have room for a dresser. Larger than the one I currently have at Dad's house. I didn't use it that much, only to hold my suitcase for 6 weeks. Shannon used it because she doesn't have a dresser here and was living out of her suitcase.

The messy, messy bathroom. Yes, we have a bathroom off of our bedroom. My stuff is generally all on the left side. Tho not all of it is mine. haha.

The broken towel rack. Don't ask why it's broken...We didn't break it.

The lovely shower. haha

Shannon's bed and my bed. The purple sheets are actually mine. Not Shannon's. Dad couldn't find Shannon's sheets before we got here.

My bed and desk.

Behind the picture of Half Dome (in Yosemite Park, CA) is a TV....The TV has not been used in about 2 years or so. But oh well. :)

Better view of my desk. If you look closely at my computer, you actually see my blog up on the screen. haha. My desk is cluttered with my iPod, sunglasses, cell phone, water bottle, books, cell phone, head band, and the monkey I plan on giving the baby girl born to Heather and Jeremy on June 7, 2009. :)

And I had to put this picture on here....While up visiting my grandparents in June, my grandmother took me and Shannon out into town the last full day we were there. She bought me knitting needles and 3 skeins of yarn. I have been working on a scarf for myself since then. It's not quite done yet, but it will be soon hopefully.
My grandmother supports all of the hobbies and activities that my sister and I pick up along the way during our life. She sends a check each year to support the robotics team, usually over $250 by alot. She buys knitting things for me constantly and she is always giving Shannon culinary tips and recipies for her to try out. And my grandfather is extremely supportive as well. He will have many conversations with me about the robotics team. He also is driving out the 1988 Mazda RX7 cross country for me in September. :) I am VERY blessed to have grandparents who are so supportive and will do anything to help me and Shannon accomplish our dreams and goals.

I find it amusing that this started out as a kind of sad post for myself to a happy post that has now caused me to smile. :)

I leave tomorrow to go back home. I am really looking forward to going home. I'm going to miss it here like crazy, but my homesickness is really kicking in.

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Tonya said...

I really enjoyed these pics...but I had to laugh. We have the SAME bathroom towel rack, and it broke too!!! )-:

Glad you are coming back home to us, and that you had a great time! Have a SAFE trip home, I hope your flight goes quickly! I know your mom, grandparents and aunt must be missing you two like crazy!

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