August 3, 2009


The plane landed at about 4:50 ish or so I wanna say. I had texted Mom asking her if Collin could go with her to pick me up. She said that there wouldn't be enough space in the car. I assumed that that meant that both of my grandparents were going to be coming with her. Well, my grandfather did go with her. But instead of my grandmother, I got this person

Nathalia Rose came with my mom and grandfather to pick me up. Which made me smile SOOOOO hard. I saw her before she saw me and I handed Shannon my Diet Dr. Pepper and ran over to Nat and picked her up. She didn't even realize I was right there until I had picked her up. She started hugging me like crazy and was holding onto me up until when we got to baggage claim.

I missed that little girl <3

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