June 3, 2009

Crazy 8's :)

I stole this from Denise

Eight things I am looking forward to.

1-The last day of school!!! :)
2-Going to see my dad....On Father's Day :) First time in years that we get to be with him on Father's Day. YAY!!
3-My grandparents' anniversary party on the 13 of this month (the grandparents here in Jersey)
4-Student Day at the Beach...The day before I leave to go visit my dad haha
5-Seeing my grandparents' new house (the grandparents in CA)
6-Adelyn being born :) (my mom's friend's baby that is due any time now)
7-The day Cameron is born (my best friend's baby cousin that is due soon)
8-Prom of 2010...Yes, I know, I have another year to go, but I can't wait. :) It'll be Collin's senior year, and since it will be his last year at PGHS (and I picked this year) he gets to pick the colors that we wear....and he's picked red and black. haha so, if you see any cute prom dresses that are red and black...please tell me. :) lol

Eight things I did yesterday.
1-Went to robotics...For maybe 25 fricken minutes because SOMEBODY decided that we should cancel it all cuz nobody was cleaning....*grumble grumble*
2-Went to school
3-Changed the bandaid on my mole *winces* it hurts alot still
5-Ate ice cream
6-Talked to Aunt Potsy on the phone
7-Watched TV during the thunder storm
8-Actually refrained from being on my computer too much

Eight things I wish I could do.
1-Drive without somebody else in the car
2-Drive to Mays Landing to see Meg and Sammi since Sammi graduated from 8th grade today
3-See my dad
4-See Rachael more often :(
5-See my friends more often outside of school
6-Be able to snap my fingers and have these stupid cramps go away
7-Be able to snap my fingers and have the pain of the mole that got taken off go away
8-Everything on my list of life long goals

Eight shows I watch.
1-The Tudors
3-Degrassi: The Next Generation
4-Law & Order: SVU
5-Big Love
6-Channel 10 News
7-Yea, I don't know lol
8-I can only think of 6. LOL

Eight favorite fruits.
*I don't eat many fruits, so I'm putting vegatables*
1-Green beans
2-Black eyed peas
6-Green peas
8-Bacon. LOL Insider between me, my dad, and my sister. hahaha :)

Eight places I'd like to travel.
2-Belfast, Maine
3-Tennessee again
4-Orcas Island, Washington (again)
5-Georgetown, Texas (again)
8-Las Vegas

Eight places I've lived.
1-Haddonfield, NJ (with both parents)
2-New Orleans, LA (with both parents)
3-Corte Madera, CA (with both parents)
4-San Francisco, CA (only Dad lived there)
5-San Rafael, CA (only Dad lived there)
6-Pedricktown, NJ (only Mom lived there)
7-New York City, NY (only Dad lived there)
8-Santa Cruz, CA (only Dad lived there)
When I say only one of my parents lived there, I mean that our family wasn't/isn't together in those places. My parents split and got divorced after we moved to Corte Madera....So, yea.

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Tonya said...

Awww, red and black for the prom sounds sharp...I really liked how Michelle had a red dress. Her and her date stood out, and they just looked really good together.

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