June 30, 2009

SOAK is over

Camping trip is done...It got done Sunday morning. Yes, I know I haven't blogged about it yet. You see, I'm quite busy....Watching movies with my grandparents and dad and sister. Eating delicious food that my grandmom is making for us. Going shopping with my grandmom and sister is town. Oh, and knitting myself an adorable scarf. :) And I won't be able to blog about the camping trip until at least Saturday because we are going to be.....Looking around at different colleges in between Washington State and my dad's house. Visiting my dad's uncle, aunt, and Amy (my dad's uncle's yougest child). Having fun with just the three of us. Watching the illegal beautiful fireworks off of the cliff in my dad's town that attract tourists from all over to the beach to watch the sky light up because of those illegal beautiful fireworks.
Sorry I haven't been blogging....I promise, Saturday I will for sure. :)

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