June 23, 2009

First Full Day in California

So, yesterday was our first full day in California. And, since my did lives so close to the beach, Shannon and I went down to the beach.

That is the wharf. It's right near the boardwalk, and Shannon is hopefully going to be working at one of the diners there.

That is near the lighthouse on Seabright Beach. My friend Makaila and I last summer were joking around one day and took a bunch of pictures right there. We had lots and lots of fun lol

Shannon and I also hung out with our friend Kellie and her friend Colby and their boyfriends Alex and Sean. We didn't get any pictures with them, but on our way back home, we took tons of pictures. :D

Yea, that's the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Well, you can see it in the distance haha I thought this was a cool scene, so I just had to get a picture of it. :)

Me!!! Hahah I had been walking down the beach for a while. I got a sunburn to prove it too. haha Shannon didn't want to walk on the beach with me, or at least not along the water. So, she sat down at one point while I walked the rest of the way by myself.

Today we sat here at home all day. So, no fun pictures from today. And I dunno about tomorrow either. Tomorrow will be the last day for about a week that I will post anything. We are going camping this weekend in Oregon and then going to visit my grandparents in Washington State up in Orcas Island at their new home they built. I promise I will take pictures from camping and pictures of the new house. So, stay tuned for pictures from the camping trip and Washington State!! :)

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Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

I loved your pictures and cant wait to see the ones from your trip north. Is the boardwalk there similar to the ones at the Jersey Shore?

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