June 5, 2009

DIG 25

I think I'm on DIG 25 now?? Yea, I'm not really sure...lol Well, whatever number I'm on, here we go :)

1) None of my teachers gave me homework tonight!! Yay!!!

2) My grandparents celebrated their 60th anniversary yesterday....There is a party next Saturday for them too.

3) My cramps are gone, which means I go off my period soon....that is VERY good. lol

4) I leave in 16 days to go visit my dad!!!

5) I only have 6 more days until the first day of finals....And I'm only taking my US History 1 final as of right now. Hopefully I won't have to take any others....lol

Sorry I've been such a bad blogger and haven't been posting on here that often. School is ending soon (like I said in my DIG) so, I've been really busy lately. My cousins from Texas come up next Wednesday, we are going to a concert on Thursday up in NYC with them, and then the party is next Saturday....So, I have a very busy few weeks coming up. But, it'll be fun :)

1 comment:

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

16 days until you leave?!? Wow, that is soon. Dont know why I was thinking you werent going until July. What concert are you going to in NYC?

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