June 20, 2009

Wildwood or Bust!

Today the robotics team is going to Wildwood. Or, most of the students are anyway. YES, it's pouring down rain here in my town. YES, it's probably raining down at the shore as well. But do we care? NOPE!!! Mrs. Danner has made up plans specifically if it rains and we can't go down to the beach. Tho, some of us will go down to the beach anyway.... ;) I'm sorry, being on a beach when it's raining is fun lol I love having family who owns houses on beaches or lives down the street from one. It always works to my advantage lol
But, like I was saying...haha
Today is my last day in Jersey. And I get to spend it down in Wildwood. With my boyfriend of 8 months and my friends who I've grown close to over the past year or two. Ok, only some of them have I grown close to....lol But, it'll be tons of fun. Especially since like I said, my last day in Jersey is being spent with my boyfriend <3 and it's his last day before he goes to Boys State tomorrow. Of course, I have the longer trip (California to visit my dad), but.....LOL
I'll take as many pictures as I can....If I remember to haha I'm gonna try to bribe Collin into going into the photo booth thingy with me....I dunno if I'll be successful or not....Denise or Tonya, ya wanna help me on this one? Hahah
I hope everybody has a fun day! I'll post something Sunday night when I get to my dad's house.

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