September 24, 2009

Long day

It's been a LONG day today. And it's only about 5:15 ish too.
We had our school pictures today. Because I'm a junior whose name is between A and M, my picture was during the first half of first block. I hate having school pictures taken, cuz I always think I look dumb in the pictures. Last year was a semi good picture of me, tho I have a feeling this year's won't be.
I found out during second block that I got a 98 on my AP Calc test....And I got the highest grade...And 7 of those points were because of extra credit.....The average for the class was a 69....Mr. Lower is PISSED. =/
After I got home from school and called my mom, she told me that I had to get in the car with Shannon and drive down to her office. For those of you that don't know, my mom works for a doctor's office. Usually she doesn't tell me to go down there unless it's a good reason. Before I got off the phone, she told me that I was gonna have to get a shot. Uh oh. Shots + Samkay = BAD. But, I did as she said, and got in the car with Shannon. I wouldn't tell shannon why we were going down there until she was in the car tho. Cuz Shannon + shots = REALLY BAD. She passes out usually. So, wasn't gonna tell her until she was in the car.
We got down to the office and signed in. I knew what shot we were gonna get, but what I didn't know was that technically the office isn't giving the shots until October 1. Yes, the flu vaccine. *shudders* So, we got the flu vaccine today. The main reason we got them today and not until after the first is cuz my grandmom is going into the hospital on the 13th as some of you know. For those of you that don't know, she is having her right knee replaced on the 13th of October. And we wanted to get the flu vaccine well in advance because for about 2 weeks, the immune system isn't running at its best after that vaccine. And we don't want to risk her getting sick while she is in the hospital or right before she goes in. We want her to be as healthy as possible going into this surgery.

As I posted 2 days ago, please continue to pray for Fred and the entire family. His surgery was successful, but apparently things didn't go exactly as planned. He is also in pain, which is not too common because he has a high pain tolerance. Things are a little difficult without him being home right now, so please keep Collin's family in your thoughts right now.

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Tonya said...

Thanks for your prayers and thoughts Sam. Today was a difficult day, but hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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