September 7, 2009

Quick post!

Yesterday after church, Collin picked me up and took me to his mom's house for the first time in the almost 11 months that we've been dating. I got to meet his grandparents who live in Arizona too. They are sooooo nice. Denise took some pictures while I was over there too.

Ok, so this one her dad took actually. haha this was before John came home with JP and Ray-Ray

We were playing a game called Pictureka. I would explain it, but it's very confusing to understand. hahah

Still playing haha

And still playing hahaha.

It was lots of fun playing with the boys. JP read a book to me as well, and asked me to read him two books. After I got done the second book, Collin and I had to leave in order to get back to my house on time. Then he ended up staying for dinner, which was spaghetti. It was interesting listening to my grandparents and Collin talk about Maine while I was setting the table for dinner before Mom and Shannon got there. My grandmother sounded like she was loving talking to Collin about Maine, which made me feel sooooo much better. hahah :)

Alright, I'm off to go places with my grandmom and my mom today. Hopefully I'll post more soon. :)

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Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Don't forget all the kisses you got from Ray-Ray, LOL

P.S. Come back soon.

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