May 13, 2009

DIG 23

I've been a BAD blogger. I've just had so many things going on today that I haven't had the time to blog. I'm so sorry! Can you ever forgive me? *Innocent face*

Ok, now that THAT is over....haha :) here is my DIG for day 23. I think it's 23 anyway.

1) Kristin and I went to a Pilates class at the YMCA tonight. We went last week (with Mom as well). This time tho, Mom wasn't able to come cuz of a BOE meeting. So, Kristin took me instead cuz she hates working out and doing these classes by herself. It also gave me a chance to chill in the car on the way there with her two kids :)

2) I was one of the 5 people who got an A on the pre-calc test. I got better than Christian even. That is HUGE!!!

3) Mom got me Allegra D :) that is ALWAYS a good thing. And, it was the sample ones too, so they didn't cost us a penny. Even better!!! :)

4) I did get to spend some time with Collin today outside of school. It involved robotics, but still. Any time with him is always good :) And, on top of it, it's our 7 months today. Which makes it even better. <3

5) Prom is in 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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