May 8, 2009

I feel bad

Ok, so, it's been FOREVER since I have sat down and actually posted something. My days just seem so boring and not blog worthy lately. I do have a few things to say about today tho....and tomorrow.

My "brother" Eric is the best. There is this kid Mike who is a total jerk. To me and to everybody else. Well, Eric and I have become pretty good friends this year, and he constantly is standing up for me on things. Well, Mike has been getting on Eric's nerves lately, and when I was texting Eric today, he flat out said that he is sick of Mike's crap and sick of how he treats me and everybody and that he will always defend his sister. Meaning me. :) I felt so loved at that moment. and even now when we're talking on AIM, he is saying how he will always stick up for me and crap. I complain about the academy guys, but it's guys like Eric who make me realize that yea, I do love them all. Well, for the most part anyway lol

My next thing now....:
I'm asking for your thoughts tonight and tomorrow. More tomorrow than tonight really. Tomorrow is our first off season competition, and as of last night, our robot wasn't able to pick up the orbit balls without spazzing almost. Which is not a good thing. We haven't gotten it fixed yet since one of the mentors took it home on Thursday and didn't bring it back to the shop. *No names are being mentioned in this....* So, please pray that we get the robot fixed before the competition!!! Oh, and that I'm the operator and Collin is the driver. Selfish, yes. But, please. :)

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Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Good luck tomorrow!

and Im glad you have friends that will stick up for you, I know that makes things easier to deal with.

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