May 17, 2009

Remembering Prom

I do apologize for taking 2 days to post something about prom. I had every intention of posting about it last night by my annoyingly loving aunt requested that Shannon and I talk to her and her son and his girlfriend on Skype since they are in Hawaii. So, here is my quick remembrance of prom :)

At about 11 something, I got picked up by RoseAnn so she could do my hair. She did my hair, which took about 2 hours for her to do. Then, her son actually redid my nail polish since it got messed up. Yes, I said her son did my nail polish. He didn't do too bad on it actually. But, that's besides the point.

I got home at around 2:30. At around 3:30, Mimi and Poppop pulled in, dropping Shannon off. They decided it was pointless to go home and then come right back here, they stayed at my house for half an hour. Shannon helped me get dressed. It was then that we realized that I really needed safety pins to help hold up my dress. My grandfather put two safety pins in the back to help hold the straps where they needed to be. Things looked somewhat better, but I grabbed the shawl to make sure that everything stayed covered. haha.

At around 4 ish, Collin pulled up, and so did Tonya, Jen, Denise, Cory, and Ally. That's when the thousands of pictures started. There were some really funny pictures taken too. There were more than one that had him looking like he was torturing me (he was actually tickling me) and many that were forced smiles from him. Out of all the ones that Tonya and Jen took (Denise hasn't put her pictures up yet), this was my favorite of me and him

:) It makes me feel so loved everytime I look at this picture lol

Then his grandparents came. Which meant, even more pictures. Then his dad's grandparents came. We went out front for a few pictures with them. Then it was time for us to go to the school.

Luckily, we got to the school before the rest of them did. I love him having a sports car :D lol So, we got to the school and went in the cafeteria for the professional pictures. I felt bad for the guy cuz we had 3 different packages ordered and then also the junior academy that was there (minus Clay apparently lol) also did a group picture. AND my mom also ordered the keychains, so he had to take like, 5 different pictures. Oh well. lol

Then it was time for pre-prom. Let me just say that I HATE pre-prom. Of course, Mr. Gallagher said our names wrong....He said, "Next we have sophomore Samantha Curl escorted by junior Collin Sciol" or something like that. I was thinking "omg. how do you get the names wrong!?" but, we got off the stage and it was all good. lol

We sat on the bus for a while waiting to leave. Finally, we got to the place where prom was. It was GORGEOUS. We got there 45 minutes late tho. You know how pissed Bonny and I were???? lol

We ate food, danced, took pictures, and just had lots of fun. I forgot to take pictures during prom, but a bunch of the juniors did. So, pictures were taken lol :) All the girls in the academy were happy cuz I got Collin to dance. I think Bonny's exact words were "Ohmygod. Collin, you've danced all night. Sam, I love you!!!" hahaha it was funny. And yes, I did get him to dance practically all night.

Prom got done at 11. We got the two keychains Mom ordered. Collin even gave me his jacket to wear. :) We piled onto the bus, and I very rapidly fell asleep on Collin. lol He knew it was going to happen too. haha We got back to the school at about 12:15, where Fred was waiting to pick us up to bring me back home.

It was lots of fun. Obviously. :) lol


Tonya said...

I videotaped the annoucement of you two at preprom..maybe some day I will get it on here...LOL...but probably not.

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time....cant wait for the pictures to come back.

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