May 9, 2009


Today we had our first off season competition. It took us about 3 hours to get up there, and it was insane. On the way up there, Collin, Shannon, and I slept for about an hour, and then we stopped at a rest stop. From then on, it was time to be quizzing Collin on his AP chem....Yea, not my favorite thing to do now. LOL

Yepp. Lunacy. It's insane. :)

we were all really hyper...

Collin and Ally were drive team during elimination rounds. Collin had gotten a migraine shortly before hand, which totally sucked. but, he fought through it. He was an awesome driver :)

It's amazing to find a picture of me and Mom where she likes it and her eyes are open. VERY rare too. So, this is a good picture :)

Shelby, Christian, Rachel, and Mikey getting ready for a match. We had fun! :)
Yea, I know this wasn't much of an update, but I gotta go fold laundry. So, I might give an actual update later. :)


Tonya said...

YAY! I am happy that you posted some pictures. You can tell Collin doesn't feel good from the pics...thats too bad.

LOVE the pic of you and your mom!!

Samkay said...

During the first picture, he was fine. that was after we got done miniature golfing (it was cardboard boxes lol) and he was laughing during all of that. All of us were sitting in the hallway waiting for Ally to get done in the bathroom and we were laughing and joking around. It was when we got back into the stands that the migraine really hit him.

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

I agree with Tonya...Collin looks like he feels bad in the pics. And Im glad you posted pics.....the one with your mom is really nice.

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