May 14, 2009

Oh, how I am thankful for things/people

I'm very thankful today. And here are the things/people I am thankful for:

1) Mrs. Burke - She met with me today and listened to what I had to say about Mike. She said she was going to talk to him and have the vice principal talk to him as well. She says that they can't really write him up cuz no teacher actually heard him say it, but I'm pretty sure she is gonna try to. Either that, or I'll have other people tell her that they heard him say it, cuz I know they did.

2) Having a working lawn mower - Poppop cut the front yard, and I cut the rest of it today. On my awesome riding mower. You have no idea how happy I am about that. I learned how to mow my lawn with the push mower, and I hated every second of it. My grandfather's best friend promised me that when he died, I would get his John Deere. Well, his son tried to make my grandfather pay an ungodly price for it, so my grandfather said no. And now, the house that his friend lived in hasn't sold either. So, we're thinking that it's because Marvin's son didn't do what he wanted to. Back to my So, I didn't get the John Deere, but my grandfather did buy a different one from somebody down the street from us, so now I have a rider mower that works beautifully. :)

3) Drama from last year is behind almost everybody - Last year, there were some issues with some of the academy girls in the year ahead of me. They got worse in the beginning of the year, but after about a month or so of me and Collin going out, the issues got better. Now they are completely better and over with. And this afternoon right after school got done, Cara (one of the ones who didn't warm up to me right away) looked at me and said cheerfully, "See you tomorrow at prom!!" and gave me a big smile. Which makes me feel tons better cuz Collin and I are sitting with Cara, her boyfriend, Bonny, Sam, Christian, and a few other people tomorrow night at prom as well.

4) My friends - While yes, Cassie has now officially dropped out of school, she says she'll try her hardest to be at my house tomorrow to see me all dressed up and she'll definitely be at pre-prom to see me. My friend Addam (inside joke on his name lol) said that if Mike says anything again, he'll take care of things and then made me laugh by making fun of Mike. Montrey said that he'll back me up on things with Mike. Eric said that he'll back me up too.

5) My dad being a lawyer - Knowning that he is a lawyer helps me stay calm in most situations. I know that if nothing happens with Mike saying things that if I just mention that Dad is a lawyer and handles things like this periodically, something will be done about it. I also know that he goes into court for things all the time and he is always under stressful situations. Knowing that helps me realize that no matter how hard things get for me, I can always make it through them.

6) My boyfriend - You knew that one was gonna be put on here. I can be as mad as I want to be, and he is always able to make me laugh. No matter how crappy I think I look or how mad I am, he always makes me feel better by saying 3 simple words: I love you. He always thinks I look gorgeous and he can make me smile and laugh as if it's as simple as blinking.

My mind went blank on the other things I was going to write that I'm thankful for. I did have to say those 6 things tho. Like, I just had to.

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