May 2, 2009

Thank you!!

Ok, I meant to do my DIG last night. But, I forgot to. Cuz I was playing computer games. But, before I forget to do this, I want to do a quick shout out to someone. I know he won't ever read this, but still.

I want to thank Mr. Lower, my pre-calculus teacher. And I'll tell you why.
For some time, the majority of the academy guys in my year have been making fun of my sister and have been constantly saying her name and making stuff up all cuz she goes out with Christian, another academy guy in my year. I've done my best to ignore them and forget about them.
Yesterday was the last straw, however. Yesterday was a bad day for me, cuz I was PMSing, I had taken a test in the class before that I'm sure I'm going to fail, and I was just not happy. Mr. Lower noticed I wasn't smiling, so he got me to smile by saying that Collin almost got a 4 on his practice AP Calc test they took. Which yea, got me to smile alot. So, things started to look up.
After we took the notes for that day and started on our classwork, the guys started up again. I couldn't handle it. I started to get teary eyed. My friend Franny saw, and so she kept asking me if I was ok. Trying to act like it was, I kept saying I was fine. She and Amanda saw through it tho. And my eyes weren't helping either (getting REALLY watery by that point). So, Franny asked me if I wanted to go to the bathroom, got up, and walked with me up to Mr. Lower in the front of the room to ask if she could take me to the bathroom to freshen up.
He asked me what I was crying about cuz he hates to see the girls cry. I pointed to all the academy guys, trying to hide the tears. He walked out to the hallway with me and Franny, and I told him what the guys had been doing. He told me not to worry about it, and that he would handle it. Franny and I went to the bathroom.
While we were in the bathroom talking about things, Mr. Lower had taken all the guys out that I had named (including my "brother" Eric who I had said wasn't really saying anything) and lectured them about how it's wrong to disrespect girls and stuff like that. All the guys felt so bad about what had happened. Well, all except for one guy. And apparently when they all went back into the classroom, Mr. Lower slammed the door, which shows how mad he was.
Mr. Lower made a huge difference in the guys. Well, again, all but Mike, who apparently just laughed while the others all felt bad. The rest of the guys who would keep saying things stopped. During Spanish when Mike was saying things, Chris (who wasn't talked to) even said "Mike, you made her cry during pre-calc. Just shut your mouth." Chris doesn't really stand up for anybody, so him standing up for me made me feel so much better.
Mr. Lower, thank you so much for making a difference in all the guys.

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Tonya said...

Mr. Lower seems like a stand up guy!!! I am glad that he stepped can be so cruel to each other some times.
I am sorry that you had to endure that! I hope that it gets better. (-:

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