May 22, 2009

DIG 24

Wow. I'm pretty bad about keeping up with this thing right now....Here is my DIG for the 24th day tho (yea, that tells you how bad I am....Day 24 and there have been MANY days since I started this....WAYY more than 24....)

1) I got out of school today. :) I do love robotics at times. LOL

2) Harrisburg is over an hour and a half away from here. That means....More sleep on the way up and back!!! :) And also means that people who I hate dislike with an extreme can't get to me easily. LOL

3) I realized just now I only have 16 more days til school gets out :D YAY!!!!!!!!!!

4) I drove on 295. Very fun :)

5) We played mini golf after we got done with the robotics thing. I got a sunburn on my shoulders, but it was still fun. <3

yea, I apologize for the shortness.....Today was a boring day.

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