April 22, 2009

Cookies for International Day

Tomorrow is International Day....And at PGHS, we are finally celebrating it. lol So, each foreign language teacher and the ESL teacher are having a booth that have finger food type things from one of the countries that our school represents (meaning, we have students from those countries). My Spanish 2 teacher has Mexico. So, we are making Mexican cookies. Since Mexico gave us chocolate, the cookies we were told to make have chocolate in them. We were given the choice of 3 different cookies to make and we were told to make them in groups of 2 or 3 people in each group. I made the Aztec Chocolate cookies and Alaina and I are in the same group. She had to babysit tonight tho, so she couldn't help me make them. Oh well. :) lol I'll put the recipe at the bottom for anybody who wants to try some. We haven't eaten any yet, but once they are cooled down, I'll cut them and split one with Shannon. :)

The cookies BEFORE we put them into the oven. Yes, I know. They look more like brownies than cookies. That is what the recipe told us to do tho.

After we took them out the first time....

Shannon checking to see if they were done the second time we took them out....

The third and final time we took them out. :) I checked them myself with the toothpick. lol

Me...The happy "baker" that I am. LOL
Shannon helped me ALOT when I was making these. So, I can't take all the credit. lol
I'll put the recipe in another post...Don't wanna make this one too long. :)

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