April 18, 2009

So confused

I can't go into any details with anybody on this.
But I don't understand. They say one thing, yet they do another. They tell us not to do something, yet they do it all the time. They tell us we're wrong and then yell at us for doing things a different way than we did before, telling us we did it right originally.
What do they expect from us? We try so hard to do everything right. We try so hard not to make them mad. Yet all we do apparently is make them mad and do things wrong.
Up until tonight, everything was being solved. Things weren't as bad as they have been. Today, they took things too far. Things have to be changed. They say they want change, but when change starts to happen, it's horrible.
I wish I knew what to do. It's killing me inside. All I can do right now is pray that things get better. Yet, they haven't yet. I want it all to end. I want things to be okay again.

I hate to be so cryptic. I really do. But, I was told not to say anything to anybody about this. This isn't really telling anybody what is going on cuz it was so cryptic.
I hate to ask this of you. I really do. But, I must ask you to do something. Please, pray for me and the people I'm talking about. Pray that things get solved. That things get easier. That they become less hypocritical. That I can finally do things I want to do. Please.

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Tonya said...

"They" always mess it up for everybody!!! I have had a lot of experience with "they", and it has never been good. "They" keep trying to knock us down, but don't worry "we" will prevail. Keep your chin up....


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