April 8, 2009

DIG 16

DIG 16...Here it comes! :)

1) My fourth block class has beaten both the 3 and 1 block classes in Spanish for number of people who have been participating in spirit week...So far we're in the lead for getting the prize!! :)

2) I have a 100.3% in Pre-Calculus for my final grade for the 3rd marking period. My Honors US History 1 grade is 85.77% (or something like that) and my Spanish grade is a 96.something% lol

3) I learned how to croquet a flower (look at my last post lol)

4) I'm able to help my sister on her take-home quiz without her getting too frustrated. well, she did at first, but that's cuz she has the mind set that she's not going to understand it.

5) Cassie was back in school!!!!!!! :) I'm going to talk about some things tomorrow with her hopefully if my mom lets me go home with Cassie tomorrow after school.

Ok, so now I have to go back to helping Shannon. Just wanted to do this now before I forgot. :)

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