April 4, 2009

DIG 15

Ok, so here is my DIG after a GOOD day :)

1) I got to ride in Collin's car tonight!!!!!! :) First time EVER for me to ride in it, and it made me even happier that he drove me both to and from the party

2) Michele's party was tonight, and for the first time in a long time I've felt like I belonged in that group. Last time I really felt like I belonged with them was like, in 7th grade or something. Freshman year I had issues with certain people, and then until about November of last year, it was bad enough that people were getting cussed out. Now everything is better tho :)

3) The 5K is over and done with!!! :) Collin and I walked the entire thing (even tho he kept telling me to run cuz apparently I wanted to run instead of walking with him....Pretty sure that if I did I would have told him lol). We came in last, but it didn't take us over an hour to do it

4) This time it wasn't my phone that fell in the toilet, it was Shannon's phone. LOL Don't ask how cuz I don't even know how it happened lol

5) I got to drive my aunt's car today :)

1 comment:

Tonya said...

Now if only you could just talk your ever so stubborn boyfriend into looking for a job so you could ride in his car more often, that would be great!

Glad you had a good day..and I need to see your prom dress to make sure it is going to match his tux.

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