April 13, 2009

DIG 18

Here is my Day in Grace for day 18. For the most part, today was a good day. :)

1) Today Collin and I celebrated being together for 6 months :) He took me out to Applebee's tonight for dinner. It was so great to spend time with him on our 6 months. :)

2) My ex boyfriend took me and my sister out to lunch today. Picked us up, paid for lunch, gave me a chocolate bunny (his from Easter lol) and then took us home in enough time so we didn't get in trouble.

3) I got to talk to my best friend even tho she is grounded. Her mom realized I really needed to talk to Rachael, so she texted Rach and said that she could talk to me on the phone. Rachael texted me, and I was able to tell her everything that I needed to finally. Hopefully Jenn lets Rach keep her phone now!! :)

4) I know of many people who I can trust with things. And they mean the world to me cuz I know they won't tell my secrets <3

5) This is an odd one, but here it is: I was so stressed out today that I cleaned the kitchen....Meaning, the counters got scrubbed, the floor got Swiffered, and the stove got wiped down too. When I get stressed, I clean the kitchen. I did that at my dad's house over the summer a few times. Both when I was stressed and when I got bored. But cleaning the kitchen helped me think alot of things out, so it really did help me out. And it also made my mom happy. :) Which is always a good thing. LOL

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