April 20, 2009

DIG 20

I apologize for being scarce and vague in my postings lately. It's been an insane few days lately, and I finally have a chance to breathe kinda.

1) My Honors US History 1 teacher is going to do her best to change the grade on my report card to a B- instead of a C+. You see, I was less thank half a point away from a B and on her grading scale, it said I had a B. But, according to the school's, I had a C+. She didn't realize it until I had asked about the difference this morning, so she was going to do her best to change it for me. I didn't expect her to be willing to go and see if it could be changed. But, she is going to go to the woman in guidance, and if she says no, Mrs. Cerrito is then going to go to the principal about it.

2) The blanket I am knitting for my mom's friend's baby that is going to be born in 8 weeks is going along great. The baby shower is on Saturday, and I still have a long way to go on it, but I think it doesn't look too bad. :) 3 stripes are done now. The colors are pink and brown. Very pretty. :)

3) I am $10 richer!!! :) lol always a good thing.

4) I know this sounds REALLY selfish of me, but I'm very happy that slowly my mom is starting to enforce more rules on my sister and isn't giving into her as much. Before, my mom used to tell me to do everything if Shannon said anything about it. But now she isn't as much anymore.

5) My dad and I had a good talk last night. And, at the end of our conversation, he was impressed with what my arguments were for our discussion, and he even said "my little girl is growing up" which does make me feel good about myself. My dad is a lawyer and has been since I was in 1st grade. When I was in nursery school, my dad moved us to New Orleans to go to law school, and I did learn alot of debating skills from him because of it. :)

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