April 1, 2009

awwww this is sooo sweet! :)

Ok, so I was reading this thing on Facebook, on the Bathroom Wall (it's one of the apps on there...) and I read something that was just oh so sweet! A guy named Cody wrote this himself...

1- the way they make you feel good even in the worst of times
2-how they pretend to be mad just so you’ll put your arms around them and say sorry
3- how they always spend a long time fixing their hair just for you
4- the way they smile when nothing funny was said
5- the way they innocently laugh when something funny is said
6- the way they accept most choices you make
7- the way they forgive you for the mistakes you make
8- the way they say i love you everytime night before you hang up
9- the way they can make you smile without saying a word
10- how they ask you if you think their pretty even though they know you think they are
11- the way they say there overweight or fat just so you can deny it
12- the way they kiss and hug you when your upset
13- the way they’ll leave their friends no matter who your with just to ask if your upset
14- the way they try and make you feel better when you are upset
15- how they always smell good no matter what
16- how they’re always happy when everything seems wrong
17- how their heart beats just perfect when their up in your arms
18- the way life seems perfect when your with them even if a relative died
19- how they’re hands always seem to fit into yours perfectly
20- how they get the cutest tans ever
21- how they hit you and expect it to hurt
22- the way they call you at 3 am and say let’s never fight again in the sweetest voice they have
23- the way they always have that halo above their head if you look hard enough
24- the way they give you light in the darkest situations
25- how they say awww when they read this like so many girls are now rasberry
26- the way they say want me to kiss it better when you hurt yourself
27- the way they love you..
28- the way you can’t live without them
29- the way they can’t live without you
30- the way they find ways to see you
31- the way they find ways to see the real you no matter how fake you are
32- the way they look you right in the eyes and say “i love you”
33- the way they scream your name if they didn’t see you in a while
34- the way they say sorry for hitting you even though it doesn’t hurt
35- the way they’ll go swimming with you even if it’s rainning if you ask long enough
36- the way they say fiinnnee when they do decide to
37- the way they cuddle up with you in scary movies
38- the way they cuddle up to you even more in comedies
39- the way they always know what to say
40- the way they try to cheer you ip and never stop trying
41- the way they never stop trying to find a way into your heart
42- the way they read messages like this and melt away
43- the way they always go to you for help
44- the way they’ll call you at 4 am right after a fight with a friend and talk to you until they go to sleep
45- the way you like it when they call you at 4 am just to talk to you
46- the way their voice always sounds perfect
47- the way they blush when you say something romantic
48- the way they find ways to make you say “i love you”
49- the way they’ll talk to you on MSN till you can’t talk anymore
50- the way they dream about you every night
51- the way they try and make their bum wiggle when around you just to impress you
52- the way they drag you into the rain and kiss you
53- the way they’ll invite you to the beach and come up behind you to try and scare you
54- the way they make u swim with them at the beach
55- the way they try to start a fight just cause they know you’ll say sorry in the cutest way
56- the way they listen to music with you just because they can
57- the way they tease you about loving them even though you both know they love you back
58- the way defend her with your life
59- the way she’ll get mad at her friends for pointing out your flaws
60- the way she denies your flaws
61- the way she laughs at you when you act stupid
62- the way she’ll play any sport with you as long as u promise their safety
63- the way they tell you to go to partys and ENJOY IT!
64- the way they tell you their problems just so u can talk to them
65- the way we try and make them stay out past their curfew just to be with them
66- the way we get grounded for staying out too late with them and then sneak back out
67- how they always love the girly movies and try and make you love them too
68- how they always beg you to straighten your hair just cause they think you’ll look better
69- the way they don’t judge you on your looks
70- the way they pull on your shirt when they kiss you
71- the way they try working out more than you just to say they did
72- the way they playfully make fun of you all the time
73- the way their hair always looks perfect
74- the way they always look perfect even in the worst clothes ever
75- the way you say those corny pick up lines just to make them smile
76- the way they try and make fun of your name even though they look stupid in the process
77- the way they try to act silly in public places and make you do it too
78- the way you like it when people stare at you and her in public places
79- the way they’ll give you stupid nick names
80- the way they smile when you say u like a girly movie
81- the way their hair flows perfectly
82- the way their hair is always the perfect color
83- the way they complain about everything they did today
84- how cute they look when their trying to work
85- how cute they look when they laugh
86- how cute they look when you realize you love them
87- how they smile when you say you love them with all your heart
88- the way they try and find reasons for you to defend her
89- the way they’re voice sounds perfect when their singing
90- the way they offer to go to your house no matter how far you live
91- the way they drive for 15 minutes just to give you a kiss
92- the way they try and make you jealous even tho it never works
93- the way they make you realize the happiness they give you
94- the way they always ask to play truth or dare and hope you pick truth just to ask you if you love them
95- the way they always ask to play would you rather and give you a option of kissing her or another girl
96- the way they doubt you for spending all your time into this
97- the way they try and embarrass you infronta your friends even though it doesn’t work
98- the way their name always sounds perfect when you say it
99- the way they always say your name perfect
100- the way you realize you can’t live without them and realize you want to be with them and even when you fight you ask them to stay with you and never leave and apologize until they love you again and take them out to a fancy restaurant even though u had to take out a loan to pay for it just for your “monthaversiry” and the way they take you to partys and just sit on the couch withing drinking a drop and talk to you…

Sorry it was such a long list....I love reading this tho. :)

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