April 1, 2009

Happy April Fool's Day!!

Ok, here is my DIG.... :) Number 14? lol 15? lol

1) I didn't have an trick played on me until today during 2nd block when Mr. Lower said that he had gotten fired....None of us believed it tho. His first block did tho....And that's the AP Calc class!! LOL

2) Nobody got hurt when the plates dropped this evening.

3) I got a 100% on my pre-calc chapter 3 test I took yesterday! With NO extra credit either!!! :)

4) My "brother" Colton is making me laugh hysterically cuz he keeps saying he loves me more even tho it's impossible for him to :)

5) I've got some of the best friends who will help me out through any problem I have <3

Oh, and tonight I ordered a copy of Twilight off of Amazon.com....It's going to hopefully going to be here around Friday or Saturday :) Can't wait til it gets here!! lol

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