March 29, 2009

Ranting post.....Lunch time...

Ok, so each Sunday after the second service, my sister, grandparents, and I go out to lunch. This time their friend Bea came with them. No big deal. Bea adores us, and she's always there for us when we need her. Service at Michael's was HORRIBLE today. Our waitress was pissed cuz she got dumped with our table, and she made it known to us that she wasn't happy. She took FOREVER to take our drink orders. She practically slammed each drink down, and gave me barely any Diet Pepsi. Then, it took her almost 15-20 minutes to take our order. It took forever for our food to get there, and then even longer for her to give us the check after we were done eating. My grandfather was PISSED. He never gets mad either. But oh, did he get mad today.
Well, after he got up to pay the bill, my sister's phone starts vibrating. It was the choir director calling her to say "As Christians, we don't need these kinds of problems" and other crap like that. Pretty much what happened was Joan (choir director) has been telling people that my grandparents won't let us come to choir practice. Which isn't true at all. She knows that on the days she has choir practice, we have robotics. Robotics comes before choir in my book. But so then Joan told Shannon that she wanted to talk things out with the two of us and work them out because she never said she didn't want us in the choir and how could we say that.....We didn't say that at all tho. My sister got off the phone and told my grandparents and their friend what just happened. The three of them got so mad. My grandmother was saying that the two PPR Chairmen (one at each church) was going to hear about it, and one of the people who has control over Joan's job was gonna hear too. Cuz it was wildly inappropriate for Joan to call my sister. My sister is 14. I'm sorry, but I don't think the choir director should be calling my 14 year old sister about this kind of stuff unless my mother is there. Everybody is pissed off, and chances are Joan will be losing her job.
I'm so mad tho cuz she's making up lies. She knows that we were at robotics. She knows we couldn't skip it. Yet she told people that my grandparents weren't letting us go to choir practice. She tells me and Shannon that as Christians we shouldn't be doing this kind of stuff. Well, what about her??? At least Shan and I have an excuse. We're 16 and 14, still children. She has 5 grandchildren at this point, and certainly isn't young. We're naive still. She certainly isn't. She should be an example to us of how Christians should act. Not showing us exactly what we shouldn't act like.

Thanks for bearing with my rant there.....I've been keeping it in for so long (Ok, since about 1:50 this afternoon lol) but I had to get it out there. If I somehow offended anybody, please tell me. I am so sorry if I did.

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