March 25, 2009

Day in Grace

I forget what number I'm up to at this point.....Oh well. Here is my DIG for today.

1) I didn't have to participate in gym today! :)

2) We got our water turned back on (I'll explain that when I'm done with my DIG)

3) My eye doesn't hurt as much anymore *Knocks on wood*

4) I bought a few new songs on iTunes that I've been looking for for alil while now

5) Until Monday I get to sit with people I haven't talked to in a while.

Ok, so now to fill you in about the whole water issue....Well, the dumb water company thought that my mom hadn't paid the bill, so they shut off our water. I could have sworn they were supposed to give us a warning. And the annoying is that she DID pay the water bill. I know she did. I know she did cuz water is a HUGE part of our life, and we couldn't function without our water. That's how she is able to drink her much needed coffee after all. So, I know she paid the bill. Well, the dumb company said she didn't, so they came here this afternoon and turned it off. My mom called the house as she was getting off work and asked me to make her spiral mac 'n cheese. I went to turn on the water to do it, and only a small trickle came out, and then nothing. So, I called my mom back and told her they shut off our water. She got home, called the water company and FREAKED. She left for the board meeting for robotics and then at about 6:45 they came back and turned back on our water. Thank the Lord. Like, really.

Ok, so, that's the main big thing that happened today. Other than that I was in a study hall and will be until Monday cuz I can't do gym. Hehehe XD I love not having gym! Denby better not try to fail me either. I swear, if she does, I'm cussing her out. No holding back either.

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