March 29, 2009

Late post! lol

Last night I was so tired that once I got home from Rae's party, I crawled upstairs to bed and didn't want to get out. lol So, here is the scoop on what happened at the two parties I was at.

Nathalia's 4th birthday party: I went over to the house pretty early to help get things ready, like grabbing things from my grandparents' house so Jeremy could start the grill, decorating the living room after Lexi (Jeremy's 7 year old cousin) and Nattie did, etc. lol People started showing up at around 12:45 even tho the party started at 12. LOL Once everybody came, then we ate burgers and hot dogs. Nattie opened her presents and we were taking tons of pics. On Miss Feather's camera. LOL So, I don't have any pics. :( lol But, so after presents were done, it was time for....CAKE!!! :) Marble cake with Disney Princesses and My Little Pony decorations. After that was done, we all sat around talking. The only people under the age of 18 were me, Shannon, Lexi, and Nattie. So, there were a few adults that were related to Heather and Jeremy there. And that's all I can think of that happened with that

Rachel's birthday party: Her party started at 7. I can't remember exactly how old Rae turned, but oh well. lol We played Rock Band, ate pizza and cupcakes, threw candy at eachother, and just had a fun time. At first it was kinda awkward cuz I only knew 4 people: Shannon, Christian, Ally, and Rachel. Oh, and I kinda knew Rachel's twin sister, Becky, and their friend Lauren. But that's about it. Of course, a few times Ally and I felt so awkward being there that we wanted to walk to the end of the street to Collin's house.....LOL But, we didn't. And anyway, they weren't there when we were going to, and then Tonya had to put little Ally to bed. lol I wanna say I finally got home at around It was pretty fun, once we all got over the fact that we didn't know anybody. lol

Oh, and yesterday morning my Poppop picked me up at about 8:50. I drove to the bank, pulled into the drivethru there (harder than it looks for me lol) and then was off to the church. We went the long way to get me used to driving. lol Once we left the church, we went to the cleaners. After that, I got to drive where ever I wanted to. So, I went to drive through Pennsville. There was a detour cuz they were messing with electrical wires in one area, but once we got past that, I drove the rest of the way through Pennsville. Then on towards Salem. Then right through Salem. I was tempted to go through Hancock's Bridge, but we were starting to get pressed for time since it takes about half an hour to get home from there and we were getting close to 11:30. I had to be home in time for the party, so then I started driving home. Once I got to my Poppop's house, we had to get the mail. First time I ever had to park inbetween two cars. The one truck belonged to my old computers teacher and the other, I dunno who it belonged to. LOL Ms. Alber said that I did a good parking job....I didn't hit either car, and I was straight too. :) And when I pulled back into the parking lot at Mimi and Poppop's house, it was straight too!! :)

So, that was my day yesterday. lol I was gonna do the DIG too, but I've decided not to since I gotta go get ready for church. LOL I'll post my DIG tonight! :)

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Tonya said...

Glad you had a great day, and it was nice that you got to see Collin! (-:

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