March 27, 2009

DIG number 13

Lucky number 13!!! :) lol Sorry, I have LOTS of energy, and can't wait til tomorrow :)

1) I got my eyebrows redone today!!! :)

2) I got Rita's for the first time in the 2009 year! :) Chocolate water ice. Can't beat that. lol

3) Again, Shark Bait's Question of the Day got me thinking. Similar to yesterday's, but instead of just being sleep overs in general, it was sleep away camps, church/scouting activites, school/sporting activities. Again, I said yes, they are good things and I explained why. I guess I'm more into them and think they are good cuz I've been 1) sleeping over at people's houses since I was born practically (family at first, friends as of 5) and 2) I've been part of scouts and church things since I was in 2nd grade and we went on camping trips all the time. My parents wanted (and still want) me to experience all types of things of that nature since I was little. So, I guess that plays a huge part in it.

4) My Little Bean turned 4 today!!! :) That little girl is my rock, and if it wasn't for her bratty, rotten, spoiled little self, I would not be the person I am today.

5) I got a 95 on my pre-calc quiz I took on Wendsday after school. I found out today during class what my grade was. I'm sooo happy.

Tomorrow is going to be fun....My grandfather is picking me up tomorrow morning when I'm ready to be picked up, I'm driving us to the second church (the one with the office in it), he's going to do some work there, and then we're going to drive around Salem County so I can get some more practice in. Since I got my permit, I've driven everyday, until this week. This week has been kinda crazy since my eye got hurt. So, I was kinda rusty tonight when I drove tonight. So, Poppop and I are going driving tomorrow. He is all ready for it, and so am I. Hopefully I can learn some back roads during this excersion tomorrow. LOL :)
I'm off to bed so I can be up early tomorrow. He is an early riser, so I don't want to keep him waiting in the morning. :) Night everybody!! <3

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Tonya said...

Awww, that is so sweet that your grandfather is taking you driving! I am so glad that you two are so close!

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