March 26, 2009

Day in Grace

Alright, this is DIG number 12 (I just counted them from the last one I had numbered lol) So, here it goes! :)

1) Collin got inducted into the NHS at the Salem County VoTech tonight!!!!!!!!!!! :) I'm soooo proud of him. I wish I had been there to see him be inducted, but I had to be at robotics unfortunately.

2) The posts on SharkBait's blog today got me thinking. I say that sleepovers are a good thing because they help girls bond with their friends and guys bond with theirs. Yea, I understand that there is always a risk that something could happen, but sleepovers are still lots of fun.

3) The workshop got cleaned tonight! For the most part anyway. Like, we unpacked EVERYTHING from Philly, and got things mostly (?) organized lol

4) We had a sub today in Honors US History 1 and my 3rd block study hall

5) Tomorrow is my last day having 4 lunch!!! :) And then I go back to having lunch with Collin! For like, 3 days. But, still. :)

So, there ya go. My DIG number 12. Now I gotta clean the kitchen. lol Bye!! <3

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