March 29, 2009

DIG 14

I'm only doing my Day in Grace today....I'm too tired and still pissed off about what happened during lunch to post anything else. (Well, maybe I'll do a ranting post about what happened at lunch.....)

1) Knowing that one of my friends trusts me enough to tell me stuff he usually wouldn't have and to come to my house when he's having issues at his own house.

2) I drove around today with my grandmom in the passenger seat for the first time

3) We only have about 2 more loads of laundry to do tonight :)

4) I feel loved by Ray :) lol

5) Today was warmer than it has been :)

Yea...I need to rant....So, even tho I said I was gonna try not to do anymore of these, I'm posting a ranting post next.

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