March 12, 2009

Finger Lakes!!! :)

Finally, I'm able to post about the Finger Lakes Regional. This year was AMAZING. Yes, I missed Joey soooo much. But having Shelby as the main driver was pretty fun too. I didn't get to drive with the back up driver tho (Collin) which made me kinda sad. He was amazing at driving and could handle Sammy Su amazingly.

We gave Sammy Su a make-over....Somebody complained to the inspectors that we didn't have our name on the front of the robot. So, we painted with a paint pen on the ball dumping canvas our name and the Gilroy guy looking over the shade :) Mr. Weick came up with the Gilroy design. We think it adds character to our Sammy Su Botsy. lol

We have our own little cheerleader too! Kinda. lol When Tonya and Fred and Ally and Michael got to the arena, I realized that Ally's tiara was missing in the stands somewhere. So, she took my tiara and I took Shannon's. And notice the beads and ball type thing hanging off of it? Yea, our team made those. We spent HOURS working on the orbit balls to hand out to other teams. And did the drive team get any? NO! :( But, I'm going to get one. If it's the last thing I do. LOL Ally looks so cute supporting out team tho. :)

And of course, there was TONS of dancing. Montrey and Shelby were dancing the most tho. Montrey fought all of us getting him down there. Yet he was the one who was dancing the best! No offence Shelby if you read this. He was pretty amazing tho. So were you. :) The rest of us really didn't dance much. I didn't cuz I didn't know the dance for those songs. I did know some tho, and the ones I knew I danced to. We couldn't get Collin to dance tho. :( Ah well. There is always next weekend hehehe

We won 2 things this year too! We got the Judges' Award this year (for Ally's welding skills and Collin's programming skills...Both showed that we have a close mentor-student relationship) and because we made it to finals, we got a finalist trophy. We did lose in finals this year. We worked hard tho, and our alliance partners (team 340, G.R.R., and team 1511, The Rolling Thunder) were so easy to work with. By finals, we had a few problems with the driving, and they totally understood. We put up a real fight every match. We got two trophies for each thing we won. Shelby and I are holding the Finalist awards and Shannon and Ally are holding the Judges' Awards. Our team may be small, but like our moto says....We're Small And Mighty. :)

That's the update for now. I might post more later about it. Also probably some pics from Niagara Falls. :) Tonya, even tho we didn't really get to hang out that day, we all had fun hanging out with you at the Falls!! :)

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