March 24, 2009

Explanation and DIG

Ok, so most of you who read my blog saw that last night, I wasn't feeling good. well, here is why....

Yea, uhm, that was last night. You see, my sister accidentally hit me in my eye. And scratched it. As I found out today at the eye doctor. Yea, it hurts. It's not as red now, but the red dot you see in my eye is now more spread out....Oh joy. =/ I have blurred vision out of the eye every now and then (like, I have it, but it gets bad sometimes) and it hurts ALOT

Ok, so, enough whining....Time for my Day in Grace

1) My eye isn't worse than just a scratch, and he gave me drops that I put one in twice a day.

2) I didn't have to go to school today :)

3) My godfather's wife is expecting a baby!!! (ok, so this was a few days ago that I found out,

4) I got to drive some today :)

5) I got to at least talk to my boyfriend tonight on the phone for alil bit

So, yea...there ya have it. What's wrong with me and my DIG.....I'm actually exhausted now, so I'm probably gonna head up to bed soon. So, I'll post something tomorrow I guess. Night everybody!

1 comment:

Tonya said...

Ewww, that looks like it hurts! I hope it heals up fast! (-:

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