March 12, 2009

Day of Grace....Part 6

Wow. I'm sooo far behind on this! Can I use the excuse that I've been busy? lol Here are my 5 things that were good today :)

1) Getting to drive ALOT today...From school to home. From Cracker Barrel to my aunt's house. From my aunt's house to my grandmom's. From my grandmom's around the block to my house. :)

2) Finishing my pre-calc test today with a few minutes of time to spare

3) Knowing that somebody else is on my side on some things during school

4) Getting lots of extra points in Spanish 2 for participating today

5) Knowing that tomorrow my hair is being redone and trimmed to get rid of the split ends :)

Eh, I guess that I'll post again tonight with pics from Niagara Falls...I'm not gonna put any words tho, so I guess it would be like a wordless essay? lol yea, that's what it'll be. :)

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