March 1, 2009

Robotics and DIG

I'm gonna do my Day in Grace first....I'm up to day 5 I think...Yea. Day 5. lol

1) SNOW!!!!! :)

2) Getting the banners mostly finished I think (explained later on lol)

3) Getting to see Collin today :)

4) Drinking peppermint tea with sugar in it (more sugar than I usually put in there lol)

5) Knowing that I'm gonna have burgers soon!!! :)

Ok, so, now for the rest of this
Collin came over to the church at about 1:15 ish to help us work on robotics stuff. Like, the banners, buttons, etc. We finished all the buttons entirely. The banners aren't done yet....But, they're close.

The top of both banners has that. Not the "Our students" in jumbled letters, but the LUNATECS 316 in glitter and outlined in black. We worked our butt off on those, and there is more that I wasn't able to get pictures of lol
I did take pictures of Collin making buttons and what not, but he was getting frustrated that I kept taking pictures of him. LOL He should totally be used to it by now....I mean, has he met his step mom yet??? LOL!!! Love you Tonya!!! :)

And now to the better part.....SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Usually I detest snow. Probably cuz I hate the cold. But, when it gets closer to FLR, I start loving the snow. Gotta be because we have a snowball fight after the team social :)

Yepp....I'm a dorkk....But, I'm loved....So, it's all good :)

Now I'm just hoping we're gonna have off

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