March 20, 2009

Friday's Day of Grace

Yepp...That's all I'm doing tonight. I'm only posting my DIG and then jumping in the shower and crawling into bed. I'm so tired and can't wait to curl up in a ball tonight.

1) I got to see Collin today for the first time since Wednesday

2) Regardless of what Mrs. Danner says/thinks, Shelby and I did a kick a$$ job today. Even tho we did rank 43 outta 53 at the end of today

3) I gots an orbit ball necklace :)

4) Our robot is working fine and we can do everything we planned on doing when we walked into this regional

5) My bed is calling to me. Yes, that is definitely a thing I found in grace today. :)

So, yea....Today at robotics, it was interesting. I would post more about it, but since I'm so tired, I gotta go shower. Or, maybe I'll just put it off....Yea, I might just do that. I'm too tired.

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