March 3, 2009

One COMPLETED project :)

Today, one robotics spirit project was completed. :) Finally. Hahaha. The tiaras for all the girls are done. Well, all except Shelby's because she wanted to make her's tomorrow since she isn't going to be at robotics tonight. Since she is the graduating senior this year, I just said to her "Yes, Shelby. I'll bring the stuff with me for you to work on it on the bus" like the good sophomore that I am. LOL
Here is what Allyson's looks like:

Her's was the first one completed. We still have to put the teal and silver ribbon on all of them. But, that can be done at RIT. lol
And now it's time for Ally's.

Her's was completed second to last. She got an astronaut on her's. She had told me to go ahead and do her's after she saw what I did to Allyson's. :)
Mine next...

I gots an alien on mine. :) I finished mine after Allyson's. There is a thing on the side that you can't see tho. the right side. Haha.
Shannon's is next....

I finished her's third. She got the rocket going towards the moon just like Allyson did. :)
And last, but not least...Rachel's! :)

Rachel was the only one that got an input on her's. Only thing she got to pick tho was what color stars she got (the white with the purple inside). Her's was the last one I finished.

Tomorrow when we leave at 3:30 will be a good day and time. While I do love Salem County, I cannot wait to get out of here and go up to Rochester. We get to see Drew, one of the seniors that graduated last year. He was our homeschooling student, web designer, and scout master. We won't get to see Joey tho, who was our team captain, driver, and electrical guy. Oh, and he was also in the engineering academy too! Sucks that we can't see him....I want him to look at what an awesome job I did at the electrical this year. LOL :)

Now I have to get back to doing chores and getting ready to leave tomorrow. I'll hopefully be able to post my Day in Grace today...I've been slacking off without meaning to on it. Hope everybody enjoys the snow today! (Oh, if you can't tell....We got ANOTHER snow day today :) 4th one this year....YAY!!!)

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