March 22, 2009

Philadelphia Regional :)

The Philadelphia Regional ended yesterday. I put some of the pics up here. Not many tho. I didn't feel like putting more than 5 up cuz I'm lazy. :)

Before I continue on....We did lose in quarter finals. Thanks to teams 222 and 11 for picking us to be on the 4 alliance with you. We all tried our hardest, and that second match should have been won by us. Team 316 is very sorry if we cost the alliance the wins.

Now on to the pictures......:)

4 outta the 5 girls....And I accidently cuz Ally practically outta the pictures. Sorry Ally!!! I did get a picture with each of the girls (except Shelby cuz she was busy doing other things) so hopefully that makes up for it? lol

There is always lots of dancing going on at the competitions. And even tho we were at Temple this year instead of Drexel and didn't have much room to dance, we still kept our dancing selves going. :) The few students 316 had were down there dancing, just not right where I took the pictures lol we were dancing underneath where our team was sitting. I got a few pics kinda. lol

Each match during elimination rounds were nerve racking, and Shelby and I were nervous as anything. Thank god we had Aaron coaching us instead of Mr. Hinde. I still wish that Mr. Hinde had completely made that decision without Aaron's input (Mr. Hinde said that maybe Collin should drive, but Aaron said that Shelby handles it better, so Mr. Hinde stepped down as coach cuz Shelby doesn't handle his yelling very well) but we still did pretty good.

And Dean Kamen even showed up!!! A bunch of us got our shirts signed (including me, Collin, and Ally to name a few of us) and then he lectured us pretty much afterwards (when I took this picture) about how we need to complete his homework. His homework was to register on the FIRST Community online thing. So, I did that once I got home last night. He wasn't too happy cuz like, nobody had registered by Saturday afternoon.....=/ It's never good when Dean isn't happy.

Mrs. Danner suggested to everybody that instead of everybody leaving straight from the regional to go home all sad cuz we were done for the season we go to Applebee's to end things on a high note. So, that's right where we went. :) We had fun laughing and joking around and just talking. The funniest thing was that the two couples on the team (Me & Collin and Shannon & Christian) were sitting at the same table lol So, it was like it was a double date. LOL

So, that was the Philadelphia Regional.......Not as good as the Finger Lakes Regional, but we still tried our best. :)

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