July 21, 2009

Bad addiction....

I'm feeding my addiction....I'm up to 5 blog backgrounds that I've made. The newest one I just made today. During the webchat with the robotics team.
I made a LuNaTeCs background. And I might like it better than the other ones I made. Tho I promise I will try not to use it until January.
I guess I should probably explain why I won't use it until then....

I'm on a team called the LuNaTeCs. We are part of an organization called FIRST. We are a robotics team and we compete each year. January starts our official Build Season. We work for 6 weeks on a robot after getting the game from FIRST during the first weekend of January. It's an intense 6 weeks. Try putting 12 students in a workshop that is in a community college. We don't have tons of room for all of us. But, we work on a robot each year and it turns out pretty darn good if you ask me. :)

That was our robot this year. I love Sammy Su :)

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Tonya said...

I love making blog backgrounds...I just can't seem to find much time though. )-:

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