July 24, 2009

DIG 31

Day in Grace time again!

1) My dad and I got Crystal Light tonight and we made the Fruit Punch one...Boy was it yummy :)

2) It was my aunt's birthday today!!!! :) Tho nobody celebrated it with her today :( Her husband and son went to the Phillies game tonight and my mom and grandparents (her sister and parents) are in Louisville. And we're out there. :(

3) I got lots of exercise into today by walking....(you'll see why in a little bit....)

4) My iPod kept me company during my long walk and didn't die or get sad :)

5) The picture below in itself is a thing to be VERY happy about....

That is my work ID...Saying that I can officially work on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and be an employee of Twisselman Enterprises. :D I worked my first shift today from 4:30 to 9:30. And I had to walk all the way to work Yes, it was annoying. Thank God my dad picked me up after work. haha

I work tomorrow from 12 to 6....PST....Fun? lol I'm working lots of days before I leave. Which I guess is good. Cuz more days to work means more money for me. But still. I hate walking all the way there. And I smell NASTY afterwards.

You see the bit of the sign that says "Hot Dog...." ?? That's where I work. Hot Dog on a Stick. Laugh all you want. haha. I make fun of myself ALL the time for working there. The worst thing we sell is Cheese on a Stick. It's a chunk of American cheese dipped in the same batter used for the corn dogs, put on a stick, and deep fried. Nasty. Today I sold like, at least 4 of those things. We also sell Polish Dogs on a Stick. Not as bad. I sold 1 of those. Those are special order tho and take about 10 minutes to make. Ugh. lol

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Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Fried American Cheese....mmmmmmmm, that sounds yummy to me. I would ask you to bring one back for me but it would be all yucky and stinky by the time I see you again.
Where ARE you coming back?? Arent you tired of all that sun and fun yet??

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