July 22, 2009

DIG 30

OMG it's been a full month of DIG!! ahaha and it's taken me HOW long to get to here? haha

1) I went to the dentist today. No, that's not what I'm happy about. I'm happy that they found only like, 2 cavities but the one is in between two teeth and small enough that they aren't too worried about it right now. I go back on Wednesday for 1 filling and 2 seals. Fun? lol But for not haven gone to the dentist in 5 years, that's pretty good. Don't ask why it's been 5 years.

2) My aunt understands why I'm going insane with a certain person on the robotics team. This person thinks that they can just take themselves off of the subteam without informing us that they are doing that. yea, doesn't work so well.....But Aunt Potsy understands my frustration because of this person.

3) My cousin is always there for me when I need someone to go to, and he tells me things that he knows I should know. And he confides in me with things he wouldn't talk to anybody else about. So I feel loved :)

4) My mom is getting away for a little while. She leaves tomorrow to go to Louisville and she will meet up with my grandparents down there. They are staying with my grandfather's stepsister and they will also go see my grandfather's stepbrother and his wife. They were the parents of my mom's cousin who died earlier this year. She would have been 38 a day or so ago. :(

5) This is my 200th post!! :) lol

Tomorrow I don't think I'm going to be posting anything since I am going to be working. I work from 4:30 to 9:30 (PST) and will not be awake enough probably to post anything. Also I'll be smelly thanks to the fryer grease and will want to get a shower and go to bed after I get home. lol So, have a good day tomorrow!

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