July 8, 2009

I love my myspace sometimes.

My myspace has this wonderful application...it's called Bumper Stickers. I can put these stickers on my profile, telling my friends exactly how I feel sometimes....

Like take this one for example...It tells my best friend and boyfriend that I'm thinking about them everytime they smile. :)

Ok, this one is just adorable lol that's why it's on here. :)

Again, shows that my friends are amazing :)

Yea, story of my life actually lol

Something I'm trying to live by...

Really shows exactly what my bestie Rachael is like. :)

Story of my life...I know wayy to many people that I think this about...

Again, so, so true.....

Again, something Rachael would probably do for me. :D

Let's see if you can guess who this is for....LOL :)

And this one....hahaha Can you tell I love my bestie??

Dr. Seuss was a very smart man. :)

I just thought that you would enjoy seeing things that explain who I am...Or, some things that do. lol :)

Robotics things

Team 316