July 26, 2009

Change of plans

I'm not gonna do my DIG....Instead, I'm just gonna show you some pictures. Tho I'm not quite sure why they're not in order....My Blogger has been all messed up lately. Oh well. Enjoy the pics!

My '88 Mazda RX7 with Mount Tam behind it :)

My aunt took this one

I'm not gonna say much anymore...So, just enjoy the pics ;)

For some reason this one ended up down here...It was supposed to be in the beginning...

So, did you like the car??? :) My grandfather here in CA is giving it to me as my 17th birthday present. He's driving it out to Jersey for me and everything. Can you say I'm a spoiled granddaughter?? LOL Just kidding. Like, he is driving it out for me and everything, but I am the oldest grandchild and I did ask for the car. My grandmom wasn't too sure about giving it to me, but my grandfather fought for me. By saying how he would trust me with the car over a 17 year old boy. Which, I don't blame him. (no offence Collin or any other 15-18 year old guys who read this. LOL) My aunt is all for it as well. :) She helped me with getting these pictures taken. Like, she moved my dad's car, my car, took a few pictures, and moved both cars back to their original parking spots. I love her <3

Alright, well, that's it for now. I work tomorrow from 1 til 8 PST. So, I won't be blogging tomorrow probably. Have a good day tomorrow!! :)

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